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1.Bundesliga Match Day 1 Betting Predictions


A fresh ball is about to be kicked in the Bundesliga next Friday, so BetGold is here first to give you all our predictions, tips and odds. And there sure are some titanic battles to kick of the new season 2021/2.

1.Bundesliga Matchday 1 Betting Odds

  Home   DrawAway Golden Tip
B Monchengladbach v Bayern Munich5/1  17/48/15 Draw
Augsburg v Hoffenheim12/511/413/11Draw
Bielefeld v Freiburg35/195/229/18Home
Borussia Dortmund v Eintracht Frankfurt17/359/227/5 Home
FC Koln v Hertha Berlin28/1743/1811/6 Draw
Mainz 05 v RB Leipzig9/210/38/13Draw
Union Berlin v Bayer Leverkusen2/112/56/4 Home
VfB Stuttgart v Gr Furth7/829/1016/5Draw
Wolfsburg v Bochum 8/15 15/4 57/10Home

Best 1.Bundesliga Matches To Bet On

Bundesliga title holders (again) Bayern Munich must play away without fans at Borussia Monchengladbach. They are looking to improve on their eighth place finish last time.

A similarly testing away trip face second place Bundesliga finishers RB Leipzig to Mainz 05 who finished mid-table in 2020/1.

The third stand out match to kick off the new season is undoubtedly the match between Borussia Dortmund – who finished just one place behind Bayern – and an impressive Eintracht Frankfurt who finished fifth.

1.Bundesliga Betting Tips

Before we get into the individual matches for the opening fixtures of Bundesliga 1 2021/2, please remember a few important issues before you risk your money by placing a bet.

First, home teams will have an extra advantage, unlike much of last year. It is not until the third round of Bundesliga fixtures that away fans will be able to follow their clubs.

Second, remember first day of the season matches are something of a lottery, a bit like in less professional times over the Christmas period we used to get some weird results when players had no doubt been (erm) celebrating their faith a little too enthusiastically. It is noticeable looking at some pre-season matches that fitness levels and preparedness are quite varied. Some clubs also have new managers and the inevitable upheaval that brings.

Third, some star players have only just finished lounging on their yachts, drinking and lazing around, with much of their pre-season training consisting of exercising with their favourite “model” this month. So clubs packed with players from the Euros – normally a sign of a strong team – might be behind some smaller clubs in their pre-season preparations. So an unfancied team could suddenly look like a good bet in the first couple of weeks of the Bundesliga.

A Shock For Bayern? Check BetGold’s Predictions

We will be honest, the top of the Bundesliga has been getting a bit boring, because Bayern always bloody win. Soon the others will start asking “please can we have our ball back so we can play a bit, too?”. But could those factors we have mentioned above combine to make this opening day fixture just a little bit more interesting betting wise than the bookies are anticipating?

To be frank, we wonder if the operators have all produced a bit of a lazy book for the opening match. Maybe the bookies are still on the beach too…

Now before you accuse us of getting drunk on the pre-match beers, we do here at BetGold accept that Bayern will probably win. Of course they are favourites. When are Bayern NOT favourites? But at those odds? The bookies must be having a laugh at us punters. Who would bet on Bayern at those odds? Its theft.

On their last two journeys to play Monchengladbach Bayern have returned home with nothing more than damaged pride. Oh, and the new coach for the home team has also enjoyed glory while managing Frankfurt when playing Bayern. Interesting, huh?

Here at BetGold we are not advising you to go all out crazy and actually bet on Bayern Munich to lose – though allegedly weirder shit has actually happened this century – but do consider betting on a draw between Borussia Monchengladbach and Bayern Munich, tempting at 17/4.

Augsburg v Hoffenheim is another Bundesliga early season lottery lottery but our team of tipsters are predicting a draw while we are narrowly tipping Bielefeld.

Dortmund v Frankfurt Betting Odds & Predictions

Wow, what a game to kick off the season with two Bundesliga bullies, Borussia Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt, fighting it out. We agree with the bookies that Dortmund will edge this one, but where we disagree is we think it will be close, possibly decided by a single goal. So do consider a handicap here.

Koln v Hertha has served up some thrashings in the past but in 2020/1 they could only produce two limp nil-nil draws. A draw looks attractive odds again.

Leipzig v Mainz Betting Odds & Predictions

The bookies are surely right to make Leipzig favourites here but surely not as clear favourites as they have priced the odds for this Bundesliga clash. Mainz will have the entire crowd cheering them and beat Leipzig in the corresponding fixtures last season. So on this first week of the Bundesliga season our tip for you is a draw at odds more attractive than a Brazilian honey on a sun-lounger.

Union Berlin v Leverkusen Betting Tips & Odds

This is a good match up but we fancy Union Berlin.

They are hard to beat in the capital – beating Leverkusen here last season – while they have been impressive against some exotic foreign competition in pre-season. Carelessly, Leverkusen have lost a manager and a star players. Union Berlin are surely one of the bets of the weekend at 2/1.

Stuttgart should be favourites to beat Gr Furth but we are not massively attracted to the odds. The draw looks about the most attractive bet in this market.

Wolfsburg should power past Bochum so something of a home banker to get the Bundesliga 2021/2 season underway.

How To Bet On 1.Bundesliga

Please, don’t spend your own cash.

You have worked hard for it. Even if you didn’t work hard for it, save it for another of your hobbies.

Click through on one of the links you see on this page and sign up with a new bookie today. Honestly, it makes me almost cry when I see punters failing to claim free money because they lazily stick to the same operator who has already given them a welcome bonus.

You can also look at the offers we have negotiated for you here – remember, free money. Just use one of the tips – or even several of the tips – we have given you and bet.

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