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2. Bundesliga 21/22 Betting Guide

betting guide 2.bundesliga

The 2. Bundesliga 21/22 games started and football in Germany can guarantee you profits in sports betting. Take advantage of BetGold’s betting tips and check out our betting guide, best teams to follow closely and the best sportsbooks to bet on, receiving exclusive bonuses.

About the 2. Bundesliga 21/22

Season 48 of 2. Bundesliga started on July 23 and runs until May 15, 2022. This is the second division of football in Germany and has 18 teams, fighting for the cup and two places for move up to the first division of German football, the Bundesliga, which are awarded to the top finishers at the end of the season.

The 2. Bundesliga can be an excellent opportunity for bettors to guarantee profits. The Betgold team of experts shows in this guide the best tips and teams to follow closely.

How to Bet on 2. Bundesliga 21/22

The main team to watch closely this season is Werder Bremen, who have been relegated to 2. Bundesliga in the 20/21 season of the Bundesliga after 40 years in the top German football division. Coach Markus Anfang has a lot of experience and will do the best to get Werder Bremen back to their glory days.

Actually, the odds for Werder Bremen to lift the cup from 2. Bundesliga 21/21 is 4.0 in the Bet365 Sportsbook. It’s worth tracking the team’s performance and keeping it in your future bet slips.

Another important team this season is Schalke, who counts coach Dimitrios Grammozis after the troubled last season in the Bundesliga, getting only 16 points and changing of commander 5 times.
Schalke has a strong and aggressive team on the field, and moving up to the top division again can be a challenge that the team will fight with all their might. The odds for Schalke to win this season are 4.0 at Bet90 and keeping an eye on the team’s games can yield considerable profits in sports betting.

Our third favorite is Hamburg, who start the season with the loss of the great player Simon Terrode to Schalke, but who have big names of German football, like Robert Glatzel and Mikkel Kaufmann. Hamburg has the necessary technical structure to do big things this season and this can guarantee 5.50 odds (Rivalo) for the team to take the cup home.

Where to Bet on 2. Bundesliga 21/22

Betgold has exclusive bonuses and offers on the best Sportsbook. Check out our reviews and choose your favorite website to bet on 2. Bundesliga 21/22. Follow our tips written by experts and win on your sports bets in this and many other competitions.

Do you want more betting tips for this and many other championships? Stay tuned for BetGold News & Tips.
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