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Hottest Games to Bet on the 28th-29th August Weekend

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These are the best sports betting tips for the weekend’s top football games. Tipster BetGold Rodrigo Crespo’s Tips and Top Predictions

Weekend Football Betting Tips

Pro Tipster BetGold
Rodrigo Barragan Crespo

Instagram icon @rc_tipster

BetGold sports betting specialist Rodrigo Crespo brings you the betting predictions for the main games from the 28th and 29th of August. You, a bettor who manages your bankroll well, will be able to take advantage of different types of markets in many hot games and get profits. sportsbook welcome offer

Sport x Chapecoense Betting Predictions

August 28th

Sport and Chapecoense compete for the 18th round of Brasileirão Serie A on Saturday at 5:00 pm (Brazilia timezone) at Ilha do Retiro stadium. It’s very difficult not to bet against Chapecoense (the only team that hasn’t won the championship yet), especially playing away from home. Despite Sport not living a good moment, the need to win and the adversary give us a good opportunity in this game. The prediction for Sport to win is good, so my bet will be on the “Asian Handicap 0.0 Sport” market guaranteeing 4/7 at Dafabet Another great option is to bet that Sport will score more than 0.5 goals with odds 2/5 at

Bragantino x Atlético Mineiro Betting Predictions

August 29th

Bragantino and Atlético Mineiro compete for the 18th round of Brasileirão Serie A on Sunday at 8:30 pm (Brazilia timezone) at Nabi Abi Chedid stadium. This game promises to be quite intense, both Bragantino and Atlético Mineiro tend to have very offensive postures and quick transitions to attack. Atlético MineiroBragantino will have the opportunity to, in case of victory, take it away 3 points difference for the leader. So, I’m going to give you three betting tips for this game:
1 – More than 10.5 corners with odds 1/1 at Bet365
2 – Bragantino Over 0.5 goals with odds 1/2 at Bet90
3 – More than 2.0 goals (Asian market) with odds 8/11 at Dafabet sportsbook welcome offer

CRB x Cruzeiro Betting Predictions

August 29th

CRB and Cruzeiro compete for the 21st round of Brasileirão Serie B on Sunday at 4:00 pm (Brazilia timezone) at Rei Pelé stadium. Both teams are enjoying good times in the championship. CRB is in the vice leadership, but will have a very difficult game ahead,
Cruzeiro has improved a lot after the change of coach and is 5 games undefeated. Although, both teams have Serie A as their goal, the need for Cruzeiro is 10x greater. The prediction for Cruzeiro to score more than 0.5 goals is strong, guaranteeing 1/2 at Another option is to bet on “Asian Handicap +0.5 < b>Cruzeiro” with odds 1/2 at Bet365.

Atlético GO x Internacional Betting Predictions

August 29th

Atlético GO and Internacional compete for the 18th round of Brasileirão Serie A on Sunday at 6:15 pm (Brazilia timezone) at Antonio Accioly stadium. Internacional scored 10 goals in his last 3 games and will try once again to maintain the good moment of his attacking players, while Atlético GO had 2 or more goals in their 5 of the last 6 matches in the championship and are looking for a victory to overcome their stumbling block in the last round against Chapecoense’s team. Taking into account these numbers, the good moment of the two teams and their attacking players, the forecast to score more than 2.0 goals (Asian market) is a great option, guaranteeing 4/5 at Bet90.

You can also bet for International to score more than 0.5 goals with odds of 1/3 at
Betgold specialists always emphasize the importance of managing your bank and calculating the amount to be bet on each coupon, according to the risk margin of the guess.
Do you want more betting tips for this and many other sports competitions? Stay tuned for BetGold News and Tips.
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