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Football Predictions for January 15th and 16th – Hottest Games of the Weekend

Pro Tipster BetGold
Rodrigo Barragan Crespo

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These are the best sports betting tips for the weekend’s top football games. Tipster BetGold Rodrigo Crespo’s Tips and Top Predictions sportsbook welcome offer

Football Predictions for the Weekend’s Top Games

BetGold sports betting specialist Rodrigo Crespo brings you betting predictions for the main games on 15th and 16th of January. You, a bettor who manages your bankroll well, will be able to take advantage of different types of markets in many hot games and get profits.

Koln vs Bayern Munchen Predictions

January 15th

Bayern were surprised with a defeat to Monchengladbach in the last round and now they will have to take the damage out on their next opponent. Koln is in 6th place and comes from 3 consecutive victories against teams from the bottom, but they will hardly be able to stop the Bavarians.

Betting Tip: Bayern Munchen wins with odds of 1.33 at ZenBet. If you want a bolder bet, Handicap -1.5 Bayern Munchen is paying 1.89 at ZenBet.

Man City vs Chelsea Predictions

January 15th

Man City is in 1st place with 53 points and is making great strides towards winning another Premier League, while Chelsea is right behind in 2nd place with 43 points. Despite the great championship that Man City does, this will be a classic game. If there’s one team that can stop the Citizens, it’s Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel remains undefeated in the clashes against Man City, with 4 wins in 4 games, including last season’s Champions League final.
Betting Tip: Asian Handicap +1.0 Chelsea with odds of 1.70 at ZenBet.

Aston Villa vs Man United Predictions

January 15th

Man United are very erratic, alternating between wins and losses, good and bad performances, it’s hard to know what to expect. Villa are in 14th place with 22 points, but the announcement of the signing of Philippe Coutinho once again brought hope to the crowd. Coutinho has covid and will not go to the game, but the trend is for Villa to be in full force and focused on winning.
Betting Tip: Both Teams To Score – Yes, with odds of 1.70 at ZenBet.

Liverpool vs Brentford Predictions

January 16

We all know that Liverpool are a machine playing in their stadium. Brentford took a 4-1 rout against Southampton in the last round and will have another cloudy Sunday for their defense. Liverpool are still dreaming of the Premier League title and could see the gap to the leader diminish if they win and City stumble against Chelsea.

Betting Tip: Liverpool win with odds of 1.30 at ZenBet. If you want a bolder bet, Handicap -1.5 Liverpool is paying 1.96 at ZenBet sportsbook welcome offer

Atalanta vs Inter Milan Predictions

January 16

It is the main game of the round in the Italian Championship. Atalanta is in 4th place with 41 points and Inter is the leader with 49. Atalanta does not usually wait for its opponent when playing at home, it is a team that proposes the game as well. It will be a very busy match with good chances of goals. Inter need the win, as a stumble on Sunday could mean losing the lead for Milan.

Betting Tip: Both Teams To Score – Yes, with odds of 1.50 at ZenBet. You can also bet that the game will have more than 9.5 corners with odds of 2.05 at ZenBet

Betgold specialists always emphasize the importance of managing your bankroll and calculating the amount to be bet on each coupon, according to the risk margin of the guess.
Do you want more betting tips for this and many other sports competitions? Stay tuned for BetGold News and Tips.
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