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Football Predictions for March 12th and 13th- Top Matches of the Weekend


These are the best sports betting tips for the weekend’s top football games. Tipster BetGold Rodrigo Crespo’s Tips and Top Predictions

Football Predictions for the Weekend’s Top Games

BetGold sports betting specialist Rodrigo Crespo brings you betting predictions for the main games on 12 and 13 of march.

You, a bettor who manages your bankroll well, will be able to take advantage of different types of markets in various hot games and get profits.

Brighton v Liverpool Predictions

March 12

Despite the good start to the championship, Brighton is in a bad phase, with four defeats, three draws and only one victory in the last eight games. On the other hand, Liverpool are looking for their 20th Premier League title and are 6 points behind leaders Man. City.

Betting Tip: Asian Handicap -1.0 Liverpool with odds of 1.84 at ZenBet.

Milan v Empoli Predictions

March 12

Milan is the leader of the championship and comes from an important victory against the Napoli team, and Empoli is the perfect opponent to continue the good phase and who knows how to open an advantage to the second place, Inter Milan. Empoli is 11 games without a win in the Serie A, with five defeats and six draws.

Betting Tip: Milan wins with odds of 1.40 at ZenBet. If you want a bolder bet, the Asian Handicap -1.5 Milan is paying 2.03 at ZenBet.

Salernitana v Sassuolo Predictions

March 12

Salernitana is in the last place in the Italian Championship with only 15 points, they won only 3 matches in 26 games played and relegation to the second division is practically decreed.

Sassuolo is not having a great campaign, but they are also far from experiencing difficulties, coming from three very important victories against Inter Milan, Fiorentina and Venezia.

Betting Tip: Sassuolo wins with odds of 1.83 at ZenBet. If you want a safer bet, Sassuolo Asian Handicap 0.0 is paying 1.40 at ZenBet.

Barcelona v Osasuna Predictions

March 13

Osasuna is in 11th place with 35 points and has been doing an honest campaign so far in the face of expectations regarding its squad.

Barcelona is gradually improving; it has strengthened very well for the second half of the season and the fans’ projections for the future are encouraging.

The chances of titles are minimal, but it’s important to win because the spot for the Champions League is threatened.

Betting Tip: Asian Handicap -1.5 Barcelona with odds of 1.96 at ZenBet.

Troyes v Nantes Predictions

March 12

Troyes is in 16th place in the French Championship with 25 points, they need the victory to breathe a little, as they are 1 point away from the relegation zone. The problem is that their next opponent will be tough. Nantes is in 6th place with 42 points and is aiming for a spot in the Europa League, or who knows, for next season’s Champions League. He has won three of his last four games, including the almighty PSG.

Betting Tip: Asian Handicap 0.0 Nantes with odds of 1.81 at ZenBet.

Betgold specialists always emphasize the importance of managing your bankroll and calculating the amount to be bet on each coupon, according to the risk margin of the guess.

Do you want more betting tips for this and many other sports competitions? Stay tuned for BetGold News and Tips.

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