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Bet365 Is BetGold’s New Partner

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We are proud to announce a major new partnership with the world’s leading online sports betting and casino site, Bet365.

Great Benefits for BetGold Online Betting Enthusiasts

BetGold customers will benefit from exclusive offers from Bet365, with bonus codes and the latest odds on major matches and tournaments from the market leader.

This is a major step forward for BetGold, underlining its growing importance as one of the world’s leading affiliate platform – that is, a gateway to the best online sports betting and casino sites.

Let’s be honest. Every affiliate site wants Bet365. Without it, as an affiliate site you cannot really say to customers that you are offering them the best online sites to play on. But Bet365 says “no” to a huge number of affiliate sites out there. We are grateful for their faith in us.

Bet365 Brings The Best Betting Odds And Bonuses On The Market

Due to its market dominance Bet365 is able to offer some of the most competitive odds and bonuses in the industry.

And because of its huge success, it has become a global brand up there with the likes of Pepsi and Apple – everybody has heard of it, and is familiar with its TV ads. It is a brand everyone knows they can trust, important particularly in countries such as Brazil where customers have been cheated by dishonest bookmakers.

Bet365 remains headquartered in Stoke but has offices around the world, reflecting what a truly international brand it is, with branches as far afield as Australia and Bulgaria.

Such progress for bet365 is not bad for a company that at the turn of the century was run out of a small portable building, having evolved from a chain of around five betting shops in Stoke – a town in England more famous for its pottery and even its slightly struggling football team, Stoke City, than an online betting platform.

Perhaps most amazingly of all, it is still a family-run business, run by its founder Denise Coates and her brother John.

Bet365 Joins William Hill & Mr Green Online Betting Sites

That is not to say that we will now ignore other big online operators. We will continue to enjoy partnerships with such giants as William Hill and Mr Green. We will also soon announce additional partnerships with some other really major operators.

We also like to partner some smaller operators in countries where we serve customers, as diverse as Germany and Brazil. We know that some players prefer to play on brands that focus on their national sports and offer a wider range of local payment methods.

Widest Choice of Online Sportsbooks

So don’t worry, we will continue to add those brands on BetGold, giving you the customer the widest possible choice of betting sites with some great exclusive welcome offers we have negotiated on your behalf. Indeed, we have a long list of such sites that have applied to appear on BetGold.

BetGold is booming, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up!

However, we will only enter into partnerships with brands we know and trust. We are sports fans ourselves who like to bet.

Our reputation is our most precious asset and we want you, our customer, to know he or she can be confident when they click on any sports betting or casino site offered on BetGold that they will receive generous welcome offers, good odds, great customer service, a decent range of payment options and – perhaps the most important factor of all – the ability to get their money in and out quickly.

We know that Bet365 ticks all those boxes for the customer. It is not by accident that it is the market leader, after all.

So if you don’t already have an account with Bet365, sign up today. And remember, BetGold – bet bold.

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