Betting on Football : Lower Leagues

What to look out for on lower league betting

What to look out for on lower league betting: 

Information is the Key to Profit Lower leagues are riskier for the bookies in comparison with major ones. There are 2 basic reasons for that: fixing and access to team news and other kinds of information.

The Risk of Fixing Lower leagues tend to be played by smaller teams often times from smaller cities or poorer countries. That means players and referees could be more susceptible to the danger of fixing related to the betting markets. For that reason, betting limits are smaller which means big punters don’t care that much about lower leagues which means it is a virtually unexplored territory that could be profitable for independent punters as well as customers of retail bookmakers. Winning some 500 EUR in a match may not appeal to a millionaire bettor but to most punters it is a nice amount of money for a single match!

How to Profit Betting on Lower Leagues – Team News The team news are not easy to access when it comes to lower divisions. Often times they are wrong, or changes are not reported. The best way to keep up with them is to become a specialist on a lower league is following regional online newspapers or blogs that talk only about specific teams. That may not even be that hard, if you use the favourite websites bar of your browser you can make a list of a few good sources and become a specialist in a league that has lower limits and profit a lot!

If you live in a region where you already know that kind of source either because you live in a smaller town or your local football league isn’t as prestigious as a top European one or the Brasileirão, you can start with sources that are familiar to you!

Live Betting – Lower Football Leagues TV coverage and even streaming for betting purposes are harder to find when it comes to lower leagues, as a general rule, ‘the lower the harder’. If for example you live close to a small team, you can maybe follow a match from the stadium and bet using your smartphone – the key to a profitable bet is the information. The tickets to these matches of lower league teams are usually very cheap even in rich cities or countries.

Summary Betting profits are products of quality information and at times some luck. Mastering luck may be hard but mastering the process of transforming information into informed bets isn’t that hard: if you speak Brazilian Portuguese you can for example explore dozens of interesting leagues of countries that speak Spanish. In fact, some traders even learn foreign languages just to explore the world of lower league betting.

Even if you aren’t at the stadium following a match live, you can place a much more informed bet live if you follow the league in comparison with punters that don’t have the streaming and don’t follow it live.

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