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Sports betting used to be a miserable experience. In countries where it was regulated, it meant visiting seedy, smoky shops. In other countries, unsafe, backstreet operators. But thanks to the internet and regulated online sports betting, having a flutter on your favourite team or sport has never been easier or safer – or more competitive for the well informed punter who knows where to look.

There is an untold number of sporting events that you can have a wager on. With so many sports events happening worldwide, on our betting tips website, bettors will always be able to find top sports betting sites in which they are able to bet on.

But which one to choose? There are so many sports betting sites out there, all claiming to offer the best odds or the best sportsbook bonuses. Some of them are not even licensed. Some have crazy complicated wagering conditions. Some have odds that really suck.

That’s why you need a site like BetGold, to be your knowledgeable adviser and guide through the sports betting jungle. We will only recommend reputable operators who pay out and offer a premium class gambling experience. If you want to know the news, get the best sportsbook betting tips and find out who is offering the juiciest bonuses – then keep coming back every day to BetGold – your ticket to a golden future. BetGold, Bet bold – but do so wisely, with us.

Great Sportsbook Betting Bonus & Tips

BetGold provides members with some of the best, exclusive offers, free bets and bonuses for some of the best online sports betting sites. If you are looking for bookmakers with the best odds and profitable sports markets available on the internet you’ll find them here.

Regardless of whether punters are looking to get these betting bonuses on their computers and laptops or – as many punters now expect – their mobile, BetGold provides a rich variety of offers for top mobile optimised gambling experiences.

With so many different sports betting markets and odds available, members of BetGold can look for online sportsbook betting tips and free bonuses to place on all the latest sporting events. Betting on your favourite sports whether it is football, horse racing, basketball, table tennis, tennis, golf, UFC, cricket or eSports amongst so many other sports available, is possible on our sportsbook betting list.

If there is a sport being played and a wager can be placed, we guarantee that you’ll find some of the most competitive odds for the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga or Serie A from the best online sports betting sites with us. Follow us and check our sportsbook betting tips and bonus.

If you want in-play action, check out the market in corners or simply a review of different gambling sites, or what sportsbook has the best gamification tools, or if you might fancy a post-match celebration in the casino, this should be your starting place.

Betting Guides By Professionals & Profitable Sports Betting Strategies

By using our betting website specialized on sports and bonuses, you are able to get in on the action way more confidently thanks to BetGold’s professional sportsbook betting guides and suitable strategies to your level of expertise.

Whether you are looking for a football betting guide or tips to bet on the NBA you will find profitable strategies for your favourite sporting events and leagues.

BetGold’s Betting Guides

Ultimately, there are many other online sportsbooks or sports betting sites to provide predictions and tips, but most of them are crowd sourced whileBetGold relies on professional knowledge.

When it comes to the best betting predictions and strategies for top leagues we are the sports website to look for. If you are keen to bet on top leagues like the Brazilian Série A, English Premier League, La Liga or smaller leagues like 2. Bundesliga, Campeonato Paulista, Italian Serie B and you want to win big time, we will be your new favourite place online, providing you with the best sportsbook betting tips and bonuses.

But rest assured, if you are not interested in football betting because you are more into handball or looking for strategies to bet on Formula 1 you won’t be disappointed with our betting guides offer as we are sports lovers and no popular sport will be ignored.

BetGold’s Top Sports Betting Tips

We want to become the first choice when punters are looking for the best tips and score predictions. We know that amazing no deposit free bets and other sportsbook betting bonuses are just part of a great online gambling experience. One of our goals is to become bookmakers’ best partner thanks to our top tips for the best sporting events available.

UEFA Champions League Free Betting Tips

The king of all club football competitions is indeed our favourite and probably the most sought after when it comes to bettors’ attention. Despite having said we offer betting tips and forecasts for many other sports, the Champions League will always be our favourite and therefore the one you should not overlook.

Are BetGold Sports Experts Tips Reliable?

As we mentioned before, we have professionals writing for us. For example we count with the skills of former sportsbook managers as well as ex-professional players to give you tips. We also have people who have made millions from gambling. This only sustains the reason why BetGold is reliable when it comes to sports tips and predictions.

How Often Do We Post Betting Tips?

Every week we will keep you fed with the latest football tips, basketball news or even the freshest Olympic Games results, you just need to keep BetGold on your mind and visit our News & Tips page to access top tips for your favourite sports, leagues and events.

We will make sure you are able to choose the most profitable betting markets in the bookies that offer the best odds with the best free bets and other bonuses.

Sports Betting Predictions & Sportsbook Bonus

BetGold is built upon sports love by sports lovers. Our mission is to share the best betting bonuses but that’s not enough. We want you to make the most of your bets and that’s why we are the place to look for predictions.

For us there’s no difference if you are looking to get the scores predictions for the Champions League, the basketball Euroleague or the Copa Libertadores. Our ambition is to help you with free sports betting predictions and tips.

When Do We Post Our Sports Predictions ?

we always think like a bettor. That’s why we will give you some time to check the team’s performances and latest scores. In the day after or in the late morning of the big match day we will post our betting predictions whether it is final scores, scorers table or even outright predictions.

How Do BetGold Betting Specialists Predict a Match Result?

BetGold’s team of sports betting specialists use all the data available when writing scores predictions. We build these articles starting from the basics.
We look at the teams’ recent performances, H2H scores and the squad’s strongest links whether they are in attack or defence. The next step takes a deeper look at trends and injuries for example.
It’s not just about the available data, but knowing the history of the team, understanding the psychological aspect inherent to the match. BetGold predictions are written by sports betting professionals and that’s the best feature we can provide you.
Disclaimer: Our predictions are 100% based on professional research, however that doesn’t mean we can assure you of any of the predicted results.
But hey, that’s the buzz, that’s the fun. That’s the way to a golden future.

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