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Brazilian Série A Asian Handicap Betting Guide

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Asian Handicap Introduction

AH is a system that ‘tries ‘to balance the difference of quality between two teams, and the odds will always be in the house of 1.70 to 2.30, and most of the time they will be around 2.0.

The system is really popular among betting professionals because of the benefits in terms of calculation (once the complicated system is ‘mastered’), as well as the improved liquidity of a huge ‘2-way market’.

If you don’t know the basics of AH betting and AH odds, we suggest that you check our special guide about AH betting.

This guide is intended to be used as a group of tips to improve your Asian Handicap Betting results when you bet on Brazilian Serie A fixtures.

Basics AH Notions

Handicaps are ‘imposed’ over teams that are considered to be strong favourites, so teams like Flamengo, Grêmio and Palmeiras will normally be handicapped against teams that are, for example, in the so-called ‘Z4’ zone fighting not to relegate.

A negative line, like Flamengo -1 @ 2.0, means that Flamengo must win for a difference of two or more goals, otherwise the punter that buys this odd will not profit, and may lose the bet.

The concept of Draw No Bet is also far more complicated in the world of AH.

After you master the basics of AH odds, check our tips to profit in the Brazilian Série A.

Brasileirão Is Where Big Handicaps Often ‘Lose’

Unlike many top European leagues like the Premier League, La Liga or Bundesliga, the first division of Brazil isn’t a league where ‘big handicaps thrive’. That means that teams that are considered to be favourites often times lose in the universe of Asian Handicap, even if they are mildly profitable in the 1×2 scenario.

If a team has odds of 1.20 to win the game, but a handicap of -1, the same ‘victory’ could mean profits to some punters and losses to others.

Asian Handicap is indeed a rather advanced market. Before you try to profit in the world of AH, we suggest that you try to profit in more traditional markets like 1X2 or traditional DNB.

Tips To Profit In Brazil A With Live Asian Handicap

The ‘nature’ of Asian Handicap is interesting: if a big team like Grêmio or Flamengo fail to score, let’s say, at home in the first half of a game against a smaller team, their handicap will ‘melt’ into a more interesting odd.

Live Asian Handicap Betting is among the most profitable market for professional punters, and you should definitely try when you feel confident.

Over / Under Asian Handicap Bets

The market of AH is very similar in comparison with traditional O/U markets; however, some handicaps may be a bit harder to understand, but after you understand one example, it becomes quite simple.

Consider a line of Over 3 @ 2.0, it ‘means’ that the gambler that buys it, will win if the game has 4 or more goals, i.e. the final result is of 4×0, 3×1, 2×2 and so on.

If the game produces 3 goals, the bet is considered void, like a DNB bet that ends in a draw. If the game produces 2, 1 or zero goals, the punter loses the bet.

The most complicated O/U lines would be those that represent a ‘2 in 1’ bets, like 1.75 (O/U) or 2.25.

Such bets effectively ‘mean’ that the gambler bets 50% of the stake on two different lines that form an average: an under 2.25 bet, means that the bet is 50% on Under 2, and 50% on Under 2.5, hence the 2.25 ‘average’.

Asian Handicap Bets Summary

Asian Handicap is a potentially profitable market, and a volatile country like Brazil is always interesting for AH bettors, although the Brazilian leagues are often times considered ‘tricky’ by some traders, which means AH betting in Brazil is especially amusing and potentially profitable.

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