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What Sports Betting Sites Offer Brazilian Payment Methods?

sports betting payment brazil

As sportsbook bettors ourselves, we know that the very most important factor when choosing a sports betting site is which one allows you to get your money in and out quickly – and that means having Brazilian payment methods (PSPs).

Payment Methods Available on Brazilian Sportsbooks

So here we give you the most comprehensive guide you will find anywhere on the web to payment methods available on sports betting sites right here in Brazil. Believe us, this should be your bible in the betting world.

International sports book operators often have the best offering and of course look super-cool, but some don’t offer Brazilian payment methods (PSPs), be it due to laziness, arrogance or the expense involved in both integrating these payment methods and in currency conversions. Yet 80% of Brazilian sports betting enthusiasts use Brazilian payment methods.

We are telling you this here at BetGold as your guide and friend: if a betting site has rubbish payment methods, it is a rubbish sports betting site. Regardless of how good everything else looks.

As customers, you have the right to expect good payment methods that work for your country (in this case Brazil) and of course you personally.

True, there has to be some compromise here: you probably won’t find every Brazilian payment method on a betting site, but before you sign up to a welcome bonus offer – however tempting! – do check out what payment methods the particular operator offers. We will never offer a partner here at BetGold without vetting it thoroughly and doing a thorough analysis of its payment methods and systems.

Hopefully you will gain all the information you need here about PSPs: if not you should find the payment methods on offer on any reputable site in the footer (that is the bottom of the main page on their site) along with its license information.

What Are The Most Popular Brazilian Online Payment Methods?

First let us look at getting your money into a sports betting site.

As Brazilians know, Boleto is still an extremely popular payment method, though has fallen behind bank transfers as the most used (some out of date affiliate sites will tell you this is still the most popular method, but this is simply no longer true). Although Boleto is much less rigorous to acquire than, say, a credit card, you still have to purchase a code and validate it before waiting about two working days to use it to deposit – so nothing is hassle free. Betting companies are working to get Boleto Flash/ Instant which will solve this problem, but very few have this live yet.

Still, if a sportsbook doesn’t offer Boleto it does not care about Brazil, and has just added the country as an extra territory without any thought, just to make a bit of extra money. Even if you are not using Boleto personally, think carefully as a Brazilian about using a sports betting site that doesn’t offer Boleto as one of its payment methods.

Other payment methods punters might expect on a Brazilian-facing sports betting site are Pix – a direct bank transfer managed by Central Bank of Brazil – as well as Direct Bank Transfers: Itau, Santander, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Caixa and Banrisul. Safra and Banco Original support Bank Transfers.

You would also like to see bank transfers via e-wallet, courtesy of our old friends at Pay4Fun. Astropay is massive and should probably be there, though it is of declining importance. Loterias would be a bonus.

Think about what your preferred payment method is, then check if it is there before you go to the trouble of registering.

Before You Start Betting Always Check How To Get Your Money Out

So hopefully you are going to win lots of money betting on sports.

As such you have to think about which payment method (PSP) will let you get your money out as well as in. So customary withdrawal methods in Brazil are Traditional Bank Transfers supported by different providers like Inovapay, Transferência Bancária. Also Pay4Fun.

Dafabet Sportsbook Has Good Brazilian Payment Methods

When we agreed to take on Dafabet online sportsbook as one of our selected partners, one of the first things we looked at was their payment methods. I have to say we were impressed.

Here is a list of its payment methods, which as you can see contains several local methods to pay your money into the Dafabet sports betting site:

Itaú, Bradesco, Banco Do Brasil, Caixa, Santander, Pix, Boleto, Astropay Card, Visa, Mastercard, bitcoin, Ecopayz, Skrill, Neteller, Pay4Fun, PicPay.

BetGold payment method rating (out of 10): 9

Bodog Sports Betting Site Trying To Catch Up

Bodog online sportsbook does offer some popular Brazilian payment methods, including, crucially, Boleto and is clearly trying to catch up with Dafabet’s offering.

Its payment methods are listed here.

Cards: Visa, AMEX, Mastercard. It also has Pix – a direct bank transfer managed by the Central Bank of Brazil, Astropay, Boleto, Bitcoin. It also offers traditional Bank Transfer supported by Transferência Bancária.

BetGold payment method rating: 8

KTO Online Sportsbook Is Scoring For Brazilians

As well as offering a large selection of international payment methods, KTO really won’t let you down as a Brazilian with Brazilian payment needs.

It offers: Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Pix (Bank Transfer), Banco Original(Bank Transfer), Caixa, Santander, Corpbanca (Bank Transfer), Banrisul (Bank Transfer), Boleto, Pay4Fun.

BetGold payment method rating: 8

Bumbet Sports Betting Site has Satisfactory Brazilian Payment Methods

Bumbet Sportsbook offers: Bitcoin, Boleto, Transferência Bancária, Mastercard, VISA, EcoPayz

BetGold payment method rating: 7

Betway Online Sportsbook Needs To Offer More Brazilian PSPs

Betway sports betting site is brilliant in many ways, but as so often with massive international operators it does not always have the local payment methods many Brazilians look for before placing a bet.

It offers: Bank Transfer, Neteller, AstroPay, Pay4Fun, Ecopayz, Pix

BetGold payment method rating: 6

Rivalo Online Sports Betting Site Brazilian Payment Methods

You will be impressed by Rivalo’s sportsbook PSP offering (BetGold certainly was):

Deposits – Bitcoin, Boleto, Pix – direct bank transfer managed by the Central Bank of Brazil, Bank Transfers: Itau, Santander, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, Caixa, Safra, Banco Original – Bank Transfer, Banrisul (Bank Transfer).
Traditional Bank Transfer – Transferência Bancária, Bank Transfer via Inovapay, Pay4Fun (ewallet), Astropay, Much Better (ewallet via app), Neteller, Skrill, Loterias, a voucher code solution
Withdrawals – Bitcoin, Traditional Bank Transfer – Transferência Bancária, Bank Transfer via Inovapay, Pay4Fun, Much Better

BetGold payment method rating: 9

Our Conclusion About Sports Betting Sites Using Brazilian Payment Methods

It can seem confusing for new punters navigating around sports betting sites. All you want to do is place your bet and you don’t want to think about boring things like payment methods. But they are important, and soon we will be bringing you further articles on the cheapest payment methods and also a comprehensive review of what sports betting sites offer the fastest withdrawals. Like in the Wild West, who lets you draw quickest is the sharpest shooter in town.

There often has to be a trade-off between choosing a sportsbook that has all the other key factors you are searching for – like best odds, largest markets as well as the look, feel and functionality of a site – and the best payment methods.

But in rating our online betting sites for best payment methods we have excluded those operators that give a poor user experience.

So we would recommend using Dafabet, KTO or Rivalo, but do so using our unique offers which you can find here, giving you more money to bet. Remember: Bet bold, BetGold.

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