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Darts Betting Guide (2021)

dart in the dartboard's bullseye

Darts betting is relatively simple: it is essentially a 3-way market, i.e. you bet in the same way in comparison with football. Both players have odds for their potential victories, and the events may also end in a draw.  

Typical secondary markets of sports that have 1×2 markets are also available, such as: 

  • Exact Score Odds 
  • Handicap Betting 
  • Over / Under Betting 

Some events may feature 2-way odds, depending on the rules of the tournament in question, and these markets typically feature the following types of odds 

  • Match Winner Odds
  • Exact Score Odds 
  • Handicap Betting 
  • Over / Under Betting 

Betting On The Best Darts Events

BetGold provides you betting tips for the most prestigious darts events out there, including a very special event created for the 2020 crisis that forced the postponing of many events of different sports all over the world.  

Remote Darts League

The league features some of the best players of the sport, and they compete in a special way from their homes to keep the fans entertained during the 2020 sanitary crisis.  

BetGold brings you the best betting tips for these tournaments, including 3-way markets and all the special secondary markets described above. 

BetGold’s Betting Tips For PDC Darts Competitions

Our website will review great tournaments such as Modus Icons League, PDC Darts at Home, German Super League and PDC World Championship. 

Keep an eye at our page of Darts Leagues to bet with the best odds of the market.  

Darts Betting Bonuses

BetGold brings you the best of the world of darts: the competitions of 2020 are full of opportunities for you to bet, and one of the perks we offer to our members is the special darts bonuses that are available very often. 

Keep an eye at your e-mail box and enjoy the best of the world of darts with BetGold.  

Darts Betting Guide Summary 

Darts events are quite easy to grasp in comparison with other sports that have more complex betting markets, the main markets are just like other sports that feature 2-way and 3-way odds, and the handicap betting is also fairly simple. 

Over / Under odds are also quite easy to understand if you enjoy sports betting in general. 

One of the best things about darts is the fact that it is an indoor sport and the action is still going on regardless the issues that are affecting so many sports events in 2020. 

We also offer live odds for you to bet on the most prestigious events out there, so why not to learn how to bet on a new sport and profit even more with sports betting? 

The greatest part is all darts events are pretty much alike, so if you learn the basics about darts betting you will be ready to bet on 5 prestigious competitions here at BetGold! 

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