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Looking for more sporting action and more bonus rewards? Then you’re looking for our supercharged Combo Boost offer:

• Choose a three-selection combo with odds of 1.4 or more per selection, and if you win, we’ll add an extra 2% to your winnings.
• Choose a four-selection combo with odds of 1.4 or more per selection, and if you win, we’ll add an extra 3% to your winnings.
• Choose a five-selection combo with odds of 1.4 or more per selection, and if you win, we’ll add an extra 5% to your winnings.

And so on, and so on! The bigger your winning combo, the more we’ll add onto your total – because we’re extra like that. So choose your favourite combo and give your winnings a boost with BetGold today!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Bet types where the result can yield a partial win for the Customer, or can result in the Customer having their stake returned (e.g. Draw no Bet or Asian Handicap) are excluded from this promotion.
  2. The Combo Boost Promotion applies to pre-event selections on all sports, leagues and competitions.
  3. The Power Combo Boost promotion applies to settled Combo Bet types as stipulated in these terms.
  4. The Power Combo Boost is expressed as percentage on top of the offered odds and shall be added as ‘Extra Winnings’ to the total return of the Combo.
  5. ‘Extra Winnings’ are credited as follows:
    Double: 0.0%
    Treble: 2%
    4fold: 3%
    5fold: 5%
    6fold: 8%
    7fold: 10%
    8fold: 10%
    9fold: 15%
    10fold: 15%
    11fold: 20%
    12fold: 25%
    13fold: 30%
    14fold: 40%
    15fold: 50%
  6. Each selection must be at odds of at least 1.40. Total odds of a 3 selection combo should have odds of at least 2.7
  7. The maximum ‘Extra Winnings’ shall be 20,000R$. BetGold reserves the right to forfeit any winnings that exceed the amount of 20,000R$
  8. BetGold reserves the right to remove excessive ‘Extra Winnings’ in case some of the lines of the combo are cancelled.
  9. Bets placed wholly or partly with a Free Bet are not eligible this Combo Boost.
  10. Cashed Out combo bets will not qualify towards the extra winnings. And we reserve the right to forfeit any “Extra winnings”
  11. BetGold reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.
  12. Voided, Cashed-out, Cancelled or Invalid bets will not contribute towards this offer.
  13. BetGold reserves the right to refuse to credit any bonus offer and payment generated from bonus funds if a customer’s identity cannot be verified using our standard checks. We may also withhold funds or bonuses if we have reasonable grounds to believe, and within our sole discretion, that the account holder is not the person who has created the account and/ or is operating the account. In such cases, BetGold may request identity and proof of address documentation to verify a customer’s identity, plus any additional information BetGold deems reasonable. Should such verification not be provided, then no payment or bonus funds will be credited.
  14. BetGold reserves the right to deny or limit the bonus and offers to any customer, in circumstances that include, but are not limited to bonus abuse and any other technical exploitation of the system.
  15. Where we have reason to believe that you have placed a wager or series of wagers (either yourself or in conjunction with other customers) which results in a guaranteed profit from the bonus (irrespective of the outcome), we may reclaim the bonus, void the wager(s) and reclaim any winnings that resulted from such wager(s).
  16. BetGold reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time for any reason without prior notice.
  17. These Terms and Conditions are an addition to and operate in conjunction with the General BetGold Terms and Conditions. Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions for further information.