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Euro 2020 Betting Guide

euro previsões 2020

Part 1

Which country should earn your bet in the Euros? They are about to kick off and lift the mood across Europe as summer arrives and Covid can be forgotten for a little while.

UEFA European Championship History

The Euros have been fought – with tackles rather than tanks – by the European great powers every four years since 1960, to decide which nation can declare itself champion of Europe.

Every four years, that is, until 2020 when a rampant pandemic forced the authorities to delay the tournament until this month.

Below we give you the low-down on the 2020 Euros with expert tips, news, odds and exclusive welcome offers to help you enjoy the tournament profitably.

Euro 2020 Favourites To Win

Euro 2020 will be contested by the 24 countries who have qualified for these finals. The Euros have been contested 15 times and won by 10 nations.

Germany and Spain have each won three times, underlining why most neutrals have traditionally seen them as the superpowers of European football, though France (twice winners) would surely dispute that.

Portugal is defending the title it won in 2016 and is available at 9.00 (or 8/1) but with Ronaldo more interested in admiring his declining looks, the bookies are not impressed. That said, Ronaldo aside, the rest of the team is probably better than when it won in 2016.

Traditionally the finals are held in a particular European country, but the 2021 Euros will be hosted in a variety of cities across the continent with the semi-finals and finals being held in London.

Can England Win The Euros?

Locals will be hoping to see joint-favourites England lift the trophy for the first time.

The footballing failure of the country that invented the game has been a sore point for the English, with many reduced to tears in 1996 when England failed to win – despite a strong showing to the semi-finals – when the country last hosted the competition.

But there are plenty of other great football teams competing, and several we at BetGold have decided to look at more closely.

Should We Still Take Take Belgium Seriously?

For a small country often the victim of cheap jokes, Belgium is seriously good. Like the best in the world since 2018 good. Sure, Belgium’s qualifying group was weak with Russia and Scotland their main opponents, but 10 wins out of 10 with 40 goals scored and just three conceded is smokin’ at any level of football.

Roberto Martínez, something of an also-ran manager in the Premier League, now manages one of the great international football teams and must surely think he is in with at least some chance of winning the Euros.

The Spaniard has gained reward for a settled team and has urged his team to enjoy their reputation and let other teams fear them: “stop being modest if you want to win the Euros” seems to be his very un-Belgium message.

Reasons not to bet on Belgium for the Euros? Star man Eden Hazard has – by his very high standards – been poor lately. Plus their steely defence is showing signs of rust with advancing age. You have to like their humour, though.

The favourite chant of the fans – back when stadia had fans – was “stop met breien!”, or stop knitting, when passing sideways too much. England fans are happy when their team manages any kind of a pass.

The bookies say: 7.00 (or 6/1)

We say: with De Bruyne driving the team on and Lukaku on fire in front of goal, everyone must rate plucky Belgium in the Euros.

BetGold’s verdict: Ultimately, although tipsters always back Belgium to win tournaments these days, they don’t actually bring home any trophies, do they? With an ageing defence, Gold thinks the golden generation has probably missed its best chance of being crowned champions.

Are Turkey Dark Horses?

As a country that can’t quite decide whether it is in Europe or not, it is always unclear what kind of team will turn up to try and win the Euros for Turkey.

The Crescent Stars were impressive in qualifying, only just missing top-spot in their group to France. They also have a hard, mean defence – ironic for a country whose defenders could sometimes have given every impression of being clowns playing at being ballerinas.

Not now. Just ask any of the French tackled by one of that Turkish defence. No wonder the Turkish fans call it “Etten duvar ordu”, or “wall of meat”. Yikes.

With 15 players now with major European clubs the country probably has its best team since it finished third in the 2002 World Cup.

The Bookies say: 51.00 (or 50/1)

We say: wear your shin pads and look out for Turkey

BetGold’s verdict: Probably ignore the hype for now and keep your wallet safe unless you enjoy a really risky bet

Germany Winner Outright Odds

Every tipster and football pundit says Germany is terrible and we should forget them for the Euros.

Which says something very clearly to BetGold: are you really that dumb?
Germany’s team is always terrible, past its best, boring, in decline, agricultural, written off.

Then they go and win the tournament.
It’s what Germans do, bless them.

Manager Joachim Low – a strange fish – is standing down after the Euros, (unless he wins of course, then just listen out for that handbrake turn and squealing tyres).
He has, it is certainly true, overseen a pretty shocking set of results for such a great footballing nation, ever since its early exit from the 2018 World Cup.

Their defence hasn’t looked as weak since the retreat from Moscow and their strikers have been firing more blanks than Hugh Hefner did in his declining years.
They are due to face England in the last 16, and if Germany lasts that long you wouldn’t be surprised if they knocked out England. As usual. It’s what the Germans do.

The Bookies say: 8.00 or 7/1
We say: yes we are told that’s generous but never take your eye off the Germans.

BetGold: We aren’t going to bet on Germany in 2021, but you would be a fool if you said Germany had no chance.

Spain Winner Outright Odds

Just a decade ago, Spain looked unstoppable. Just like some lotharios can apparently talk a potential conquest into bed, so Spain could pass another team into defeat.

The opposition were half in fear of Spain, half bored to sleep by them, until the Spaniards finally passed the ball gently into the net.

Sergio Ramos is the leading scorer. But he is 35 now, and a centre half. Alvaro Morata is the only teammate to have a goals tally in double figures.

The Bookies say: 8.00 (or 7/1)
We say: Spain are over the hill and over-priced nowadays
BetGold’s verdict: there is better value in the market

Other Favourites To Win The Euros In The Outrights

Amazingly, England are one of the favourites. Seriously.

Well, they have Harry Kane to score goals. And yes they have a surprisingly (for England) young and technical squad. And they are on home soil. Oh, and have we mentioned they have Harry Kane?

But England, seriously? To win the Euros? They have about as much chance as their prime minister Boris Johnson has of looking serious. Football coming home? It couldn’t find its way back if it was driven there.

The Bookies say: 6.00 (or 5/1)

We say: England are always among the favourites, mainly because Brits like to bet and bet on England. But Gold would want better odds to part with its gold.

BetGold’s verdict: put your money somewhere else

France is also among the favourites to win the Euros, with a bit more reason.

Having won the World Cup in Russia in 2018, France are world champions.

And just look at their team: Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante, Antoine Griezmann and Raphael Varane. They would walk into any team, even with one leg.

Karim Benzema will also play for France for the first time in five years in an eagerly anticipated return.
France is fantastique – its reserves could easily beat some of the teams in the Euros. Then again in one or two cases, so could a pub side.

The Bookies say: joint favourites at 6.00 (or 5/1)
We say: the Cockerel will be crowing over its old bulldog enemy, England
BetGold says: bet on France.

Bet On France To Win The UEFA Euro 2020

Whatever you do, use your exclusive welcome bonus negotiated for BetGold by us with one of our fully approved partners. Their odds are updating constantly but are competitive for the Euros.

France is the best team by a country kilometer in the 2021 Euros, and as tipsters BetGold cannot let you risk your money on anyone else.

Yes England has a good, surprisingly gifted team, but remember it is England.

Turkey are dark horses, but when we say dark, we mean really dark.

If you prefer your horses to be only semi-dark, back Portugal.

Belgium likes to tease, but we are not convinced they can step up to win such a major trophy.

BetGold’s Verdict: France

Part 2

Updated Odds On The Euros

Here is Part 2 of our definitive betting guide to the Euros, with the latest odds, team news and how this impacts on tips and predictions as Italy v Turkey kick us off.

England Become Outright Favourites

Yes you read it right, England have moved from 5/1 joint favourite with France to outright favourite at 5.00 (4/1) against 23 other nations looking to lift the trophy according to some bookmakers (though you should not pay more than 6.00 unless you are completely mad).

Do the bookies actually watch football matches?

Admittedly it was largely a reserve team England put out in warm up friendlies against Austria and Romania with their players from Manchester City and Chelsea given time to recover from their Champions League exertions.

But after two shaky 1-0 victories it would take a brave bettor to say they were watching European Champions in the making.

England winning the Euros? Even with home advantage, they are not even in Europe anymore thanks to Brexit, and they don’t look fit to tie the bootlaces France’s Kylian Mbappe, arguably the world’s best player now.

Three Lions? More like three mice running around a wheel.

With defensive injuries the stand-ins looked mainly suspect.

Ben Godfrey at right back looked like a pub player and Tyrone Mings played like he had nearly drowned in a vat of vodka.

As for the debacle of Jordan Henderson’s terrible penalty miss after he grabbed the ball from a player who has actually kicked a ball in anger in the last few months – unlike the stand in captain – even the normally diplomatic manager Gareth Southgate was clearly furious.

Jack Grealish was a bright spark and England will hope that Harry Kane will fire them to success.

But England at 5.00 to win the Euros? You are having a laugh.

Italy Outright Odds To Win The Euro 2020

Everyone loves Italy, the country. The team? Not so much, normally. For a nation of such flair and style, their national team can often by cynical and defensive. But 11 players representing the Azzurri in the Euros is, without questions, one of their strongest teams in years. Roberto Mancini has overseen a faultless qualification campaign.

First they face a difficult encounter against dark horses Turkey on Friday. But don’t expect these players on the beaches or in the roasting bars favoured by top flight players any time soon. BetGold expects Italy to stay long into the tournament.

What The Bookies Say: 9.00 (8/1)

What We Say: Bet on Italy to win the Euros if you think France is too obvious a choice.

Portugal Outright Odds To Keep The Title

Portugal may be on some travel black-lists but they come into the Euros in red-hot form and are much fancied by many tipsters. Make no mistake, they have a very good squad and the odds on Portugal look fair value. Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo and Bernardo Silva won the Premier League with Manchester City last season. Cristiano Ronaldo might not be the dancing prince he once was, but who wouldn’t want him in their team? They are in a tricky group, however, with a fearsome France as well as Hungary and Germany.

What The Bookies Say: 9.00 (8/1) – 10.00 with some bookmakers

What We Say: Portugal at 9.00 (8/1) is not a bad bet.

The Netherlands Euro 2020 Winner Outrights

If you are Brazilian, you support Brazil.

If you are not Brazilian, Brazil is your second team.

Well if you are not Dutch, your third team is probably the Netherlands.

We all admire how this small northern country was the first to bring some Latin verve to Europe.

But the Netherlands are at best an outside bet to win the Euros.

The Netherlands won in 1988 and tend to be one of the favourites before the Euros. But in recent years they have started to revert to the kind of form that a country of its size might typically expect: they did not qualify for Euro 2016 or even the 2018 World Cup – which left a big hole.

In Frank de Boer they have a coach who knows everything about big match pressure. However, they are without Virgil van Dijk, the Liverpool beast, and he will be a big loss.

What the bookies say: 14/1

What we say: Save your money

Poland Euro 2020 Winner Outrights

The poor Poles have only ever made it out of the group stages once. But they have one weapon in their arsenal almost any team in the competition would find a place for: Robert Lewandowski, and he is smokin’ in front of goal right now. Poland’s last group game, against the Swedes, will probably decide their fate.

What The Bookies Say: 80/1

What We Say: realistically getting beyond the group stage has to be Poland’s target.

If You Want a Completely Crazy Bet

Think about Austria. They are also 80/1 and have looked good in some of their friendlies.

Take A Great Bonus Before Betting.

Our advice remains back France, but do think carefully about Italy.

Go for Austria for a small bet if you fancy some fun and like risks.

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