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Predictions For The Top European Football Leagues In 20/21

Football on the pitch with 2021 in bold

The football played in Europe could be considered to be some of the very best that the sport has to offer, especially with leagues such as the Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A all featuring some of the best teams and players currently in the game.

2020 has been a year that has been like no other, however 2021 looks set to be another great year for the sport of football as things will look to return back to some normality.

Premier League 20/21 Season Predictions

The English Premier League is widely considered to be one of the world’s best football competitions, largely due to how competitive it can be and with the individuals and football teams to be involved.

Indeed, with some of the world’s biggest clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal, there is a truly global appeal that surrounds the game in the country. Of course, these clubs feature superstars of the game with football players such as Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane, Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba whilst some of the best managers also coach in the division with Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho all involved.

The Premier League remains highly competitive and has seen a number of european football teams be able to defeat each other, thus taking away a predictability factor that some other of the world’s football leagues provide and therefore making it all the more exciting.

Speaking of exciting, the 2021 months of the current campaign look to be shaping up to be some of the most entertaining in the league for the first time in a while, as teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea are both challenging Liverpool for the Premier League title, whilst Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal are all struggling a little.

German 1. Bundesliga 20/21 Season Predictions

Germany’s Bundesliga may have been dominated by Bayern Munich for the last decade or so, however there is still some great competitive action elsewhere in the football division as it has become known for the number of goals that are scored.

Borussia Dortmund are perhaps one of the most exciting european football teams to be watching in the Bundesliga at the moment, as they have managed to produce a number of top talents in recent years, whilst men such as Gio Reyna, Jude Bellingham, Jadon Sancho and Erling Haalandcontinue to perform at a high quality standard.

Heading into 2021 could prove to be exciting as Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund are all in the hunt for the title as a new year comes in.

La Liga 20/21 Season Predictions

Perhaps two of the most famous football teams to have ever emerged in the game have come from Spain’s La Liga, with both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona having proved to be amongst the most successful to have ever played in European football, whether that be domestically or on the continent in european football tournaments such as the UEFA Champions League.

Both teams have managed to attract a number of european and south american football superstars to their sides over the years, whilst men like Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Luis Suarez and Antoine Griezmann all currently appear for the top teams. Of course, the likes of Atlético Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia also make it an interesting and competitive football division, whilst like the Premier League, a number of impressive results have the ability of being produced.

La Liga is looking rather different this season, thus providing football fans with some potentially exciting moments throughout the months of 2021.

Serie A 20/21 Season Predictions

Italy’s Serie A has been a top division with Europe for some time and it has continued to grow in stature, despite being a great league.

With top european teams like AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, AS Roma and SSC Napoli, there are a number of quality football players strutting their stuff on a weekly basis; with Il Bianconeri having individuals such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala and Matthijs de Ligt whereas Il Rossoneri have seen Zlatan Ibrahimovic turn back the clock with his recent performances.

Clubs such as Atalanta and Fiorentina have seen a rise in performances in recent years, thus making 2021 a really exciting year for football in Serie A.

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