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Understanding Outright Betting Markets

Understanding Outright Betting Markets

Outright Betting Markets This market exists not only for football events, but we will analyse the market of outrights using football examples.

The outright bets try to guess correctly the outcome of a tournament or parts of a tournament.

Good examples would be ‘who will win the next FIFA World Cup?’, ‘what team will win the next English Premier League?’, ‘will Leganés relegate in the La Liga 2019/2020 season?’.

In essence anything related to the tournament can become an outright bet. In fact, the market of outrights doesn’t even have to be related to sports: the so called ‘politics bets’ or ‘financial bets’ are very common and trying to guess the next president or PM of a country are common types of bets unrelated to sports.

Back to football, these markets are a little bit peculiar and fans need to be aware that they can be ‘long bets’, that means if you have a small budget for gaming you rather have in mind for instance that betting in 2019 about an event that will end next year means your bet will take long to eventually pay off.

Not all bets of outrights are long. If you are betting in the World Cup it only takes a few days before the group stage ends: you can bet on what teams will make it and progress to the KO stage, what team will end at the bottom of the group and so on.

Beyond Simple Bets Some interesting techniques of the trading world can be applies to outright bets: if for example you bet on Brazil to win the next FIFA World cup, and they qualify to the finals or close to that stage, you can ‘buy’ the other side and cash out your profits (partially).

That technique is an application of what is called ‘hedge’ in the trading world. It’s like your bet rose in value and you are enjoying the potential to profit before Brazil actually wins. In fact, you make the most of your prediction even if they end up as runners up.

You can of course ‘hold’ the bet and don’t buy any other team at high odds to make sure you will win in case you are confident, but it is interesting to note how you can profit out of your betting knowledge in different ways than simply ‘punt and wait’. If you guessed correctly that a team would go far in a competition, cash out and they fail to win, you will end the tournament happy about them but they probably won’t be celebrating on their way back home – the world of betting is nearly unlimited in terms of opportunities to profit, and you can profit betting on a team that doesn’t end the day very happy. Handicap bets are a good example of that situation.

Explore the Football Betting Markets There are many other examples of outright bets related to how many goals a team or even a group of teams will score. For example, ‘handicap on all teams that play at home in a football round’ are examples of bets in virtual scenarios that are very popular.

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