A Guide to Betting on Football

How to Bet on Football

Welcome to our guide on Football Betting. Hundreds of Potential Bets in the Same Match There literally hundreds of potential bets that can be placed in a single match, and if you consider that odds change all the time, players betting on different odds depending on the market situation, the potential combination of bets is infinite.

A bettor can punt on the winning team, on whether there will be a draw, the number of goals of the match, the exact score, whether a specific player will score, how many corner kicks a specific team will have – even the same ‘kind of bet’ like the winning team may be expressed in different systems such as 1×2 and Asian Handicap. A little guidance might come in handy when it comes to football betting and definitely if this is your first time betting on football.

Bet on the Match Result – 1×2 This system is by far the most famous and popular when it comes to normal bookmakers in Europe. The gambler should punt on whether there will be a winning team or whether there will be a draw. The number one represents the hosts, the X the draw and the 2 the visitors.

You can also bet on 2 out of 3 outcomes, these bets are called ‘1X’, ‘X2’ and ‘1 or 2’ respectively.

If a team is a clear favourite then their odds will be very low, sometimes the odds can be as low as less than 1.10 – in those cases handicap betting may be more exciting and lucrative.

Asian Handicap – Match Result AH is a much more complicated system; professionals use it a lot because of the easier calculation and deeper liquidity (higher limits) – before you try to bet on AH try to get some consistent results in the 1×2 scenario. AH takes a complete understanding of percentages and some basic statistics understanding.

Over / Under Bets – Number of Goals of the Fixture The O/U markers exist in the ‘traditional retail bookmaker market’ as well as in Asian bookies – the difference is the AH markets always work with odds of circa 1.7 to 2.3 while in the retail scenario things can vary a lot. If you really believe a match will have tons of goals you can bet on Over 5.5 goals or even more at times at Betgold.

In-Running Bets (a.k.a. Live Market / Live Bets) This market is very exciting; you can profit out of identifying an ephemerous pressure of a specific team – the live market is very interesting as you can see the bet’s outcome unfold in real time. Some special rules apply such as “market freeze / pause” in case something happens like a red card or a penalty so the traders can adjust the odds. Goals also pause the market.

Special Bets of Performance (Outright, Relegation, Qualifications) Normal bookies also offer the chance to bet on several options of bets about the performance of a specific club or international selection; you can bet on the next winner of the UCL, World Cup, Premier League or who will relegate in the current season of La Liga. You can also bet on what clubs will progress to the 2020 Round of 16 of the UCL.

In Summary

There are several options to bet on football these days and the best way to learn is choose a league of your preference and get some money on the market. Place your bet and good luck!

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