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How Real Money Slot Games Work

golden slot reels with triple 7 paying symbol

The world of online casinos is full of different kinds of websites. Some of those sites just explain how casino products work and promote certain brands, while other sites are called operators’ which will take casino bets. 

There are basically two kinds of casino slot games: free games and paid games. When you spin the reels of a free slot game, you are just testing how it works, but you are not gambling ‘for real money’.To gamble for real money, you need to log into an operator, upload funds into your account and then spin the reels – the bet can be worth a portion or all the money of that gaming account. 

Free Online Slot Games vs Real Money Slot Games

There isn’t much room for confusion: if you want to bet you will have to be in the environment of a real online casino and make a real money financial transaction to upload betting funds before you spin the reels. At times, however, you will come across the so-called ‘no deposit promotions’, but you will still need to be logged into your account.  

Free online slot games are essentially displayed in pages that ‘call’ them in that specific way to promote them. However, casino pages that are ‘operators’ may sometimes refer to their slot games in this specific way, just to make sure the gambler understands the only ‘price’ to spin the reels are the bets themselves, that is you don’t pay a ‘ticket’ to start the machine, all you have to do is bet real money and it will start spinning its reels. 

Real Money Online Slots Basic Concept

There are some basic concepts related to the world of slots. When you choose a online slot game to bet, you can basically choose between two types of slot games: progressive jackpot slots and other common slot games. 

The progressive jackpot games are interconnected with other online casinos, and the jackpots of such slot games can be substantial. Mega Moolah is a slot game that could really pay millions of real money as a prize – every season there are several prizes in the house of 7 figures, at times 8 figures to the gamblers of this amusing video slot game featuring a cute lion. Fortunium Gold Mega Moolah would be another version of that popular slot game that is currently available at BetGold.

Popular Online Real Money Slot Games

The popularity of slot games can vary a lot: some online slot games are only popular while they are brand new, while other slot games become real classics that are played for many years.  

Book of Dead is one of the recent slot games available in the market that surely make it to the top 5 of best video slot games of the house in terms of popularity: it surely is worth a spin. Play it for free and then try the real money slot.

Football Studio would be the next bet of our Top 5, and fans of sports and casinos will surely enjoy it. Make sure you also test Reactoonz 2, as this online slot is growing in terms of popularity.  

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