How to Bet on Basketball

How to Bet on Basketball

Basketball betting is particularly popular in mature markets such as The USA as well as Europe, but as the NBB grows, the Brazilians are also getting more and more interested in Basketball betting.

This guide will explain how the systems of Spread, Money Line and Over/Under Betting work. The names may be a little scary for beginners as they mean much simple things, the Spread and Money Line are two distinct systems of betting in the match result – i.e. what team will win and by how much, whilst O/U means just the total amounts of points scored in the match by both teams.

Spread System If you are familiar with Football (Soccer) Betting then this will maybe be easy to understand – Spread is just a handicap.

If you are unfamiliar with a Handicap System, consider two teams, team A and team b, the team b is the underdog. Let’s suppose betgold offers odds of 1.90 for the +- 2.5 Spread.

This means that if team A wins by a difference of 3 or more points, they are the winners of the spread scenario. If team B loses by a difference of 2 points or win the match, they win in that scenario.

In sum, the odds are usually spread equally, and the change is the amount of points that a team will be handicapped positively or negatively. I

Money Line It is the equivalent of a 1×2 system from the football world, that means the odds for a team that is clearly favourite will be very low.

Let’s say team A has about 85% of chances of winning a match, the odds will be very low in the house of 1.10. On the other hand the underdog will have major odds that can pay lots of money in exchange of a very small amount of money.

Over/Under Like many other sports, the O/U bets try to predict whether the match will have more or less points than a specific number.

When it comes to Basketball O/U lines are in the house of 175.5 to 200.5 depending on things like the teams involved, the league and other factors too.

Only Regular Time Counts All the bets above described apply only to the regular time of the match. That is also why at times the option to bet on a draw is available although it is not possible to have a draw in a basketball match – it means as of the last regular quarter there was no victorious team and there was extra time.

Place Your Bet If you are used to Football betting but is interesting in expanding the markets in which you bet, Basketball may be an interesting option – there is a lot of information about top leagues like NBA and the Spanish League, and the NBB is growing a lot these days which means media coverage and team news are becoming widely available too.

2020 will be a year of Olympics and it is quite interesting to learn about different sports and their peculiarities when it comes to betting – Afterall there will be way too many competitions going on and you probably won’t have time to learn about them all during the 2 week event! Learn about all major sports betting markets at Betgold and allow yourself to take a chance!

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