Esports Betting : How to bet on Esports

How to bet on Esports

A Brand-New Betting Market The very concept of videogame competitions being considered somewhat related to sports, whether we are talking about media coverage or the presence of odds related to e-sports within Sports Betting Bookmakers is a much recent phenomenon.

Some people still question if they really are sports, but for gamblers that doesn’t really matter. It’s fair to say there are two very distinct personas when it comes to E-sports betting: videogame aficionados that know a lot about the teams involved and their chances of winning and gamblers that speculate everywhere and research about the opinion of pundits to make educated guesses.

A Comprehensive Universe of Bets Unlike explaining how to bet on traditional sports, it’s not possible to explain in a one-page guide how bet on all games. There are several popular sports that have big tournaments with major cash prizes and professional teams fighting for them.

The Main Concept The only concept that is valid to all kinds of E-sports is that you are betting usually on individuals. The odds that you will find at Betgold will be related to teams of professionals that are involved in major tournaments.

Some websites also offer the opportunity to bet on live streaming of games involved anonymous players or even computers, but the most relevant markets are about real people that are known characters in this universe of E-Sports.

Understanding Specific Markets You must have a minimum understanding of the game you intend to bet on unless if you are following blindly a tip of a friend or a tipster from the internet.

If we are talking about Football videogames like FIFA Soccer or PES, then the potential bets would be the winner of a play-off of a tournament which usually involves several matches with the standard settings of the game, there will also be the chance to bet on handicaps, i.e. by how much a player may win if he or she if a big favourite and other secondary markets too.

Games that involve a sequence of maps or scenarios will have bets for each map and of course the option of betting on the winner of the match which usually is a team and not an individual.

As dozens of games involve professionals these days, it is really hard to list all the potential bets, but the most popular include in general the following possibilities

a) Winning team of a match or a tournament

b) Winning team of a specific fraction of the game like a map or a half time / quarter

c) Handicap bets (a.k.a. Spreads) when the game uses the concept of points or kills

The E-sports tournaments of professionals changed a lot the vision about games that used to be considered consensus much recently in the 90’s: doctors would even say kids shouldn’t play more than 45 minutes so of videogames a day.

The idea that a skilled kid could bring money home with tournaments or becoming a pro for a short period of time would forever change the way parents see videogames. Some consider it

a democratic way of competition as some kids aren’t blessed with motor skills to play traditional sports – as professional teams contractually demand the players to have healthy habits, the videogames are becoming more and more popular.

Considering the scenario described above, the opportunity to bet on E-sports should grow exponentially in the Sports Betting world in the coming years.

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