F1 Betting : How to Bet on Formula One

How to Bet on Formula One

A Sport of Many Betting Markets Unlike football or MMA where the winner of the next event is the main betting market, which usually translates into major favourites to have very small odds, the favourite driver to win a GP will usually have odds higher than 2.

Lewis Hamilton often had odds in the house of 2.40 during the 2019 F1 season – that is a major difference if you consider other sports: cars can break, penalties happen often in F1, strategies are very complicated these days considering the different tyres involved as well as rather ‘new’ limitations in the history of the sports such as how many races a motor must last before being changed.

In many ways, F1 became harder to predict in the recent past, and that reflects in the betting markets.

Secondary Markets not so Secondary If you consider the risk involved in punting on the race winner in comparison with the potential winners of other sports events, the secondary markets of formula one offer more safety and a more balanced risk/return ratio.

Podium Finish This bet is more interesting as the top teams tend to be 2 or 3 and the chance of finishing there is more interesting. Top drivers like Hamilton will have rather similar odds at the Podium finish markets in comparison with other similar potential selections such as “Top 6 Finish” or “Top 10 Finish”

Top 6 Finish This bet may allow the punter to look at lesser relevant drivers in terms of title fight, there are many potential bets within the same GP, unlike other sports F1 betting is not all about the protagonists.

Top 10 Finish This kind of betting can be quite exciting – although the top drivers will have really low odds to this kind of bet, virtually all drivers have the chance of finishing at least in the top 10 – in 2019 except for Williams that is living a tough season, the odds range between 1.08 to 6 in most races to all drivers (Williams average odds are of 151 in 2019).

Live Betting Live betting is quite exciting when it comes to Motor Sport and Formula One is no exception: several events happen simultaneously in a race, such as tyre changes, fights for the top positions and even the fastest lap which is worth a point nowadays.

Every camera shift shows another universe, betting live on F1 with Betgold can be a very exciting and profitable experience.

In Sum You don’t have to be a pundit in terms of motor sport to profit, you can research and find out what the true experts think about the next GP and make an educated guess when it comes to betting – professionals often follow other professionals, just make sure you find good sources of information and good luck!

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