MMA Betting : How to Bet on MMA Fights

How to Bet on MMA Fights

MMA – A Rather Easy Market to Bet Unlike Football or Basketball where you can feel a bit confused when it comes to systems such as Asian Handicap and Spread, the MMA is as easy as it gets – the big Market is simply the one in which you punt on the winner of the fight. Period.

There are however some interesting secondary Market bets as well as some considerations regarding the main Market. Let’s have a look at them

The Winner of the Fight The odds system is similar to Tennis, you simply have the two options of who will win. Football’s 1×2 and Basketball also share similarities, but the main point here is understanding the true chances of a fighter to win.

If you want to translate your guess into numbers it’s easy when it comes to betting on the winger of a fight: Think of the chance you believe the fighter have to win, in terms of percentages. If you believe the fighter has 50% of chance to win, then you would have a fair odd of 2, i.e. a price that represents the outcome chance.

The calculation is easy: 100% / 50% = 2.0 (decimal odds).

If the odds are lower than 2, then you don’t have a good price before you considering your estimations. If for example the market is offering 2.50 then you are before a valuable bet.

An unwritten rule of professional punting says that you must at .2 as a margin of safety, considering your estimation of 2.0 you should therefore look after odds higher than 2.20.

This “math process” however isn’t some kind of universal truth: some lucrative punters simply guess the winners and win more than they lose. You should find the method that suits your punting skills to pave your way to the big winnings.

Special MMA Bets – KO, Number of Rounds, Victory by Points 

If you are an MMA aficionado and you are good enough to understand the patterns that apply to each fighter, you can maybe profit betting on special markets.

If a fighter’s style allows him or her to win often by KO, then you can bet on that. Again, trying to make estimations in terms of percentages may be of help.

Some fighters are specialists in terms of submissions, while other fighters are more careful and often win by points.

Number of Rounds

This kind of bet can be done based on statistics. Unlike the market of the winner of the fight where other factors apply such as winning streaks, recent injuries and H2H, the number of rounds may be easier to guess based on the statistics of both fighters.

They are a kind of Over/Under bet, i.e. you must guess for example if the fight will have more or less than 2.5 rounds, the numbers are decimals because they allow easier calculation.

If you bet Over 2.5, if the fight ends up having 2 rounds you lose and if 3 or more are fought you win.

Easy to Research This is a market that involves just two men or women facing each other, things may be easier to predict than sports that involve squads of several people that also involve substitutions, suspensions, different times of rest between fixture, squad rotations etc. Choose a fight and bet on MMA today with Betgold!

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