Tennis Betting : How to Bet on Tennis 

How to Bet on Tennis

An Exciting Live Market Betting live on Tennis is amongst the most exciting kinds of live betting. You can bet live on the next game, the next set, and of course place a live bet on the winner of the match.

Match Winner – An Easy Market to Understand Just like picking up the winner of an MMA fight, all you have to do is estimate the chances of the players and place your bet.

The big question isn’t who’s the favourite, but “how much of a favourite” in most of the cases.

H2H is a big ally when it comes to Tennis betting. If you consider H2H and the kind of Court involved, you have a good notion of how the match can unfold.

H2H status means just how the previous matches between 2 players have unfolded in the past.

If you want to follow a more mathematical and exact way of thinking, you should estimate the chances of your preferred player in terms of %. Let’s say in your opinion Nadal has 80% of chance of beating a player of much worse ranking. In that case, you should find the ‘fair odds’ for this percentage, the calculation is done this way:

100% / 80% (your number) = 1.25 decimal fair odd.

That means if you come across 1.50 as the odds for Nadal to win, you would be before a valuable bet.

You can of course win instinctively without thinking much of math, at the end of the way what matters is finding the method that suits your skills.

Secondary Markets – Before Match Start There are interesting bets like how many sets the match will have, winner of first set among many others.

The record of the players involved should be taken in consideration when betting this way.

Live Markets Few sports are so intense like Tennis, and energy levels as well as emotional steadiness play a key role.

It might be lucrative to bet on Nadal to win a set in which he started losing a few games. The Spanish player is known for his steadiness and come backs after his rare mistakes.

The live scenario might be very good to bet even if you know much about a player, you can maybe spot an emotional meltdown of a player and bet safely in the coming game, set and even the match result.

Expand Your Market Options If you bet on Football like most South Americans, then maybe learning about Tennis betting may be interesting, the sport involves just two individuals in a court and the calculations of odds are much easier than a sport that involves over 20 people and substitutions / squad rotations and different schedules for each team.

2020 will be a year of Olympics and many bettors try to bet on sports other than the ones they really follow, maybe it’s a good idea to learn about Tennis betting and other sports with the Betgold betting guides.

Bet on Tennis today with Betgold!.

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