Volleyball Betting : How to Bet on Volleyball

How to bet on Volleyball

Volleyball: Easy to Bet There are sports that can be quite complicated to bet such as Football’s Asian Handicap, as fractional bets such as -1/4 ball handicap for instance require a few lines of explanation to be totally understood, and to get the concepts involved and internalize them for a live bet can take a big long: volleyball however is much similar to Tennis betting and it also shares similarities with other sports where there is not chance of a draw, such as Basketball or MMA.

The Main Market The most relevant market when it comes to volleyball betting is the match winner. You should simply guess which team will win: the market shares some similarities with the 1×2 of football except for the fact the draw is an impossible outcome.

The punter’s main task to profit here is to estimate correctly the chances of winning of each team.

Secondary Markets The lesser prestigious games of lower leagues will at times offer the bettors the chance to bet only in the main market, i.e. the winner with “pure odds” and no handicap/spread. The big games however offer other interesting betting opportunities, let’s have a look at them:

Handicaps The handicaps are expressed in terms of points, that is, this betting market tries to estimate the chances of a favourite team to overcome a certain number of points beyond what they need to win the match, while the underdog must endure and lose by a margin that could still win the bet.

The system is similar to Football’s AH but it is easier as there aren’t things like “Draw no Bet” and bets that are spread equally as a 0 handicap (DNB) and -1/2 ball.

A simple example of how a volleyball handicap works:

Let’s suppose team A won the first set against Team B and the result was 25×20. In case the winning team had a handicap of up to -4.5 points, they would be a “winning bet”. If however the handicap would be of -5.5 or more, then the visitors would be the winners of the handicap market.

Sets Depending on the match, you can also bet on the result of specific sets as well as the number of sets the match will have.

Performance Bets Just like any other major sport the big events will become an opportunity to bet on the Outrights such as who will lift the trophy, what team will end as runners up, among many other markets.

Live Market (a.k.a. In-running Market) Volleyball is a vivid sport with points happening all the time such as Tennis, which makes it a perfect sport for live betting: seeing how the bet unfolds is very exciting when the points are collected in a fast-paced way.

Some teams live meltdowns just like in other sports that are very intense like Basketball, you can really profit live if you can identify a strong tendency within the upcoming minutes of a fixture. Bet on Volleyball with Betgold today!

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