Jackpot Slots at Bet Gold

Slots featuring jackpots offer winning possibilities beyond paylines – you can win an accumulated prize if you meet conditions that vary according to the game that you are playing.

Jackpot Slots Rules

Jackpot games work in a particular way. A certain amount of each bet (every time the reels spin) is accumulated and whenever a gambler meets the jackpot conditions the prize is released, restarting the cycle of jackpot accumulation.

This can reward the players with significant amounts of prizes, some games pay jackpots of over 20 million dollars every year through jackpot networks.

Often times games have a special jackpot symbol that needs to land over a line to trigger the jackpot feature which can be a direct payment or a bonus jackpot game. Every game is different and as we offer hundreds of different games you need to check the game’s respective paytable. 

Jackpot games can really bring you the big win you have been looking for long time, check our complete list of jackpot games and good luck!

Progressive Jackpots at BetGold

Progressive jackpots offer you the chance to win big that you have been looking for, the size of the prizes however depend on the current popularity of the game but the current prizes are displayed very clearly so you know where you have more betting value available every time you visit our Casino to bet.

Bet Gold wants to deliver you the winnings that you always dreamed of, but to win you must bet! The internet is now a viable option to win gigantic jackpots that are as big as lottery prizes. The world of Online Jackpot Slots is much better than the old mechanic Casinos of the past. 

The Best Jackpot Slots

There are distinct types of jackpots, offering several different proportions of risk and return, i.e. the chances of winning and the proportion of the prizes in relation to them.

At BetGold we believe the players should have hundreds of options to choose from, but some fan favorites clearly stand out:

Mega Moolah Slot Game
This game has been trending over the past weeks for a reason: it offers the chance to win big risking little money each time you spin the reels. Unlike the cold act of buying a lottery ticket, Mega Moolah slot game is an amusing way of taking chances. 

This game pays every year prizes in excess of 20 million dollars! Yes, you didn’t read it wrong: Betting a few cents you have the chance to win very big!

Spin the Reels of Mega Moolah Virtual Slot Machine today at Bet Gold!

We do offer several other games featuring interesting jackpot sizes, such as Dolphin Quest, Fruit Bingo, Happy Halloween and Wolf Cub.

There is no right answer when it comes to going for the jackpot: some players focus on the potential winnings while others try to balance the fun of playing with the winning chances, therefore, test our Casino Slots and find the right one for you!

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