Live Football Betting Tips

Understanding Live Football Betting

Understanding Live Football Betting

Live Football Betting The world of football betting is exciting not only for recreational bettors but even for the professionals: the betting result unfolding before your eyes and the chances to profit out of ephemerous events are quite exciting, so let’s learn how to make the most of the billionaire live betting market Early Underdog Goal One of the most profitable recurrent bet opportunities is the underdog early goal. Often times big teams fail to overcome big handicaps but still win the 3 points after suffering early goals.

If you are not confident enough to make a bet for instance on Real Madrid -2.5 handicap bet against Leganés but you still want to speculate and bet in case something interesting happens, just open a can of beer and watch the game live: if for example Leganés scores an unlikely goal, the odds for Real Madrid to win the match will become way more interesting.

Favourite Team Takes Long to Score Truth to be told, the fact that some big teams at times take longer than expected to score against smaller teams already produces valuable odds and betting opportunities: big handicaps tend to ‘melt’ as time passes. If you wait some 15 minutes the odds already change a lot in the handicap markets! Following live games with a streaming or Cable / Satellite TV coverage allows you to bet nearly blindly, let’s explain how:

Betting on Unknown Markets – Live! Even if you don’t know much about the teams facing each other in a rather exotic league, if you have a source of streaming you can observe how the match is unfolding and what could be profitable: if you see the home team making a pressure to win the match in the final moments this could be all the information you need to make a profitable bet: professionals often do that and make the most of live betting without even having a look at the classification table of that particular tournament. Live streamings can be quite profitable and some traders and bettors even become specialists in the live scenarios.

Over/Under Live Football Betting These markets often times are explored by traders that don’t even like sports at all: the number of goals is the kind of bet that can be analysed with mathematical models and early / today market betting can be done without even reading team news.

Live betting however offers more opportunities: if you see the home team suffering an early goal, that indicated the match should have some goals. Traders know that some scores ‘produce’ more goal than others, but not all scores that aren’t even have the same tendency of producing goals – If the home team is winning, then a second goal could make the game cool off. Some good opportunities also come in the form of team news. Let’s suppose a team had both regular Centre backs sent off in the previous round, and after following the first moments of the match you saw the two subs underperforming, that means goals are likely and an over bet could be in order!

Explore the Live Football Betting Universe Live betting produces many profitable opportunities but not all of them are explored: some games happen overnight, and European traders don’t bet there. The betting limits could also be small for big punters, which means lower leagues are also interesting, but we will have a special guide about Lower Leagues Betting.

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