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2021 Tokyo Olympics Basketball Betting Guide

Olympic Basketball Betting Guide

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics have started and Basketball can guarantee profits on their sports betting. Find out which selections are top rated to follow closely, according to Betgold sports betting experts.

Basketball Format at the 2021 Olympic Games

The 2021 Olympics in Tokyo is shaking the sports world amid the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. There was a lot of controversy about the postponement of the Olympic Games due to the risk of contamination, but the committee decided to keep holding the competition in 2021, following the necessary biosafety protocols.

Basketball is a highly profitable sport in the world of sports betting and attracts more bettors every year. At the Tokyo 2021 Olympics there will be three groups of four teams competing for the gold medal. In the first phase each team will play against the other three teams in their group. Once the group stage matches are completed, the fourth-placed will be eliminated and the top two third-placed will advance to the knockout stage.

There are also some differences between Olympic rules and NBA rules. The Olympic field is a little smaller and the three-point line a little shorter. Also, there is no three-second defensive violation. The quarters are ten minutes long, with five-minute overtimes, and players are sent off after the fifth foul, not the sixth, as in the NBA.

Due to the time differences in each quarter, it is interesting to take a good look at the total points markets per quarter or half of the game, as the Over and Under score markets can be surprising.

Basketball Teams to Watch Up Close at the 2021 Olympic Games

With no surprises, the United States men’s and women’s basketball team are favorites to win the gold medal this Olympic season. The United States men’s team vahe great basketball stars like Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal and Devin Booker. Team favoritism guarantees 1.45 odds on Bet365 to take home the gold medal in men’s competition.

United States Basketball Team Betting Tips

The United States women’s basketball team is a phenomenon, winning six consecutive Olympic gold medals. This favoritism yields modest odds of 1.09 for the team to take the gold medal in Bet90. This is a safe bet prediction that should be taken advantage of by the most cautious bettors.

Australia’s Basketball Team Betting Tips

Compared to other teams to watch closely, Betgold sports betting experts predict that the Australia men’s team has a good chance of winning a medal, paying 1.95 odds in this market at Rivalo. The Australia women’s basketball team also has great potential this season and guarantees 2.20 odds (Dafabet) to win a medal, making it a bolder bet prediction that can guarantee good profits It’s important to follow the men’s and women’s competitions, as both have great chances of profit in sports betting.

As the Olympic period features several sporting events, managing the amounts bet on each coupon is necessary to ensure a greater variety of bets and more chances of recovering possible losses. If you are also a basketball lover, take advantage of our betting guide and increase your profits while having fun watching every move of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

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