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2021 Tokyo Olympics Volleyball Betting Guide

volleyball olympics guide

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics started and volleyball can guarantee profits on their sports betting. Find out which selections are top rated to follow closely, according to Betgold sports betting experts.

Volleyball Format at the 2021 Olympic Games

The 2021 Olympics in Tokyo is shaking the sports world amid the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. There was a lot of controversy about the postponement of the Olympic Games due to the risk of contamination, but the committee decided to keep holding the competition in 2021, following the necessary biosafety protocols.

Volleyball is a popular sport in countries like Brazil and can also be a lucrative opportunity in the world of sports betting. The competition has 12 teams, divided into two groups, as shown below:

Tokyo 2021 Olympics Men’s Volleyball:

Group A: Japan, Poland, Italy, Venezuela, Canada and Iran.
Group B: Brazil, Russia, France, Argentina, USA and Tunisia.

Tokyo 2021 Olympics Women’s Volleyball:

Group A: Japan, Serbia, Brazil, Korea, Dominican Republic and Kenya.
Group B: China, USA, Russia, Italy, Argentina and Turkey.

Betgold’s team of experts has analyzed the statistics and is keeping an eye on every move on the field to bring you the best tips and teams to follow closely in the 2021 Olympics.

Volleyball Markets at the 2021 Olympic Games

Match winner betting markets are classics in every bettor’s life. Follow closely the odds for victories in the events of teams considered favorites for this Olympic season, such as Brazil, Poland and the United States when we talk about men’s volleyball and also Brazil, Serbia and Italy in women’s volleyball.

Varying a little and betting on the points total market is interesting for bettors who like to bet on live games. The percentage of the bankroll to be used in this market must be small due to the high volatility of results.

Take the opportunity to bet on outright markets, to guarantee expressive odds for the medalists in the competition. Some bettors may find it difficult to bet on live games due to Japan’s time difference, so it’s important to secure your pre-match bets in advance.

Volleyball Favorites at the Tokyo Olympic Games

Brazil is one of the big favorites to take the gold medal in Men’s Volleyball, with odds of 3.0 at Bet365 to win the competition, followed by Poland, which also comes with a strong team and guarantees 1.80 odds on Rivalo to win a medal this season.

Our Golden Tip – Brazil Men’s Team To Get The Gold Medal

Regarding women’s volleyball, the Serbia team has a great chance of taking home a medal, as does Brazil. The odds for the women’s gold medal are more fluctuating and it is possible to have big surprises on the final podium, so it is necessary to wait for the progress of the initial matches before thinking about betting on the women’s outright markets, avoiding some losses in this market for the sport .

The Betgold experts predict that it is more favorable to follow and bet on the winners of matches in more aggressive teams on the field, such as Italy’s team, to ensure profits in women’s volleyball.

It’s important to follow men’s and women’s competitions, as both have great chances of profit in sports betting. As the Olympic period features several sporting events, managing the amounts bet on each coupon is necessary to ensure a greater variety of bets and more chances of recovering possible losses. If you are also a volleyball fan, take advantage of our betting guide and increase your profits while having fun watching every move of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games
Do you want more betting tips for this and many other sports competitions? Stay tuned for BetGold News & Tips.
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