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2021 Tokyo Olympics Beach Volleyball Betting Guide

beach volleyball olympics

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics started and beach volleyball can guarantee profits on your sports betting. Find out which selections are top rated to follow closely, according to Betgold sports betting experts.

Beach Volleyball Format at the 2021 Olympic Games

The 2021 Olympics in Tokyo is shaking the sports world amid the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19. There was a lot of controversy about the postponement of the Olympic Games due to the risk of contamination, but the committee decided to keep holding the competition in 2021, following the necessary biosafety protocols.

Beach Volleyball is a popular sport in countries like Brazil and can also be a lucrative opportunity in the world of sports betting. The difference between the sport and the common volleyball is that in the sand there is a dispute between pairs, which does not reduce the heat and emotion on the field.

Beach Volleyball Markets at the 2021 Olympic Games

Match winner betting markets are classics in bettor’s lifes. Varying a little and betting on the points total market is interesting for bettors who like to bet on live games. The percentage of the bank to be used in this market must be small due to the high volatility of results.

Take the opportunity to bet on outright markets, to guarantee expressive odds for the medalists in the competition. Some bettors may find it difficult to bet on live games due to Japan’s time zone difference, so it’s important to make your pre-match bets in advance.

When betting on who takes medals, it’s also possible not to specify which medal the team will win, so for example you can bet for the Brazil team to win a medal, you win if the team wins the gold, silver or bronze, increasing your chances of profit.

Beach Volleyball Favorites at the 2021 Olympic Games

The Norway team, consisting of Anders Mol and Christian Sorum, are one of the big favorites to take the men’s beach volleyball gold medal, with 2.65 odds on Bet365 to win the competition. The favoritism is easily justified by the 12 consecutive victories before the start of the Olympic Games, winning gold in Cancun on the World Tour at the end of April.

The Qatar team, Cherif Younousse and Ahmed Tijan who also have a strong technical capacity and rapport on the field, guaranteeing 3.0 odds at Bet90 to win some medal this season, being a good betting prediction.
Regarding women’s beach volleyball, the United States team, Alix Klineman and April Rosstem, have a great chance to get a medal, with 4.50 odds (Dafabet) to win the gold medal and are a team to watch closely.

Brazil Women’s Beach Volleyball Team Betting Odds

Brazil‘s team, composed by Agatha Bednarczuk and Duda Santos Lisboa is also a delight on the field and have odds of 6.0 (KTO) to take the gold medal. As this is a balanced competition, Betgold sports betting experts indicate that it’s a good idea to bet on the favorites to win the competition’s opening games and take advantage of the outrights markets when each team’s score improves.

It’s important to follow the men’s and women’s competitions, as both have great chances of profit in sports betting. As the Olympic period features several sporting events, managing the amounts bet on each coupon is necessary to ensure a greater variety of bets and more chances of recovering possible losses. If you are also a beach volleyball enthusiast, take advantage of our betting guide and increase your profits while having fun watching every move of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.

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