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Online Casino Table Games And Slots Explained

splitted screen with slot reels, roulette and poker chips

Online casinos have thousands of games for the players to have fun while they take chances to win big, but when you visit a casino for the first time you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of different games and categories, and that’s why BetGold created this special guide to allow you to choose the right casino game for you.

Understanding The Online Casino Games With BetGold

Please note that this article is about the games that fall into the category of Casino Games, for more information about the Live Casino products of our site, please check our special guide about it.

Table Games: A Very Generic Term

The term takes inspiration from the games that were originally present on the table of the best casinos of the world, such as roulettes, baccarat, poker, and blackjack. In the online environment, however, the term described a wider range of games that include what would be called in the 90’s simple as ‘video games’, i.e. the table games section of our site contains games that allow you to place bets, but don’t exactly fall into the category of slot games.

Good examples would be Football Studio First Person by Evolution Gaming, Crypt Crusade by Microgaming, Mumbai Magic by Microgaming which is a Scratch game – that kind of game may also be tagged as table games at some online casinos.

Football Studio First Person by Evolution Gaming

This game is an interesting example of a game available at BetGold that falls into the category of table games of our casino section, however, it brings the best of football to a very interesting card game, that takes inspiration in the card games of the best casinos of Las Vegas and other world wide famous casinos like in Macau, Monaco and Punta del Este.

Online Slot Games

BetGold has a lot of slot games for you as every month we add dozens of new games for you, and the list of the site now has the best games of all categories of slots – progressive jackpot games, low volatility games, medium volatility games and high volatility games (that aren’t progressive jackpot games).

These games are the online incarnation of the classic slot machines that are present in the most famous in-land casinos all over the world.

The slot games are basically machines that start working if you insert a coin in a slot, hence the name ‘slot games’, these games have reels that spin and these reels have symbols all over them, and depending on the combination of symbols you land, you may win prizes or not.

The most primitive games of that kind features classic casino symbols such as the lucky 7, the bar, the bell and several different fruits: many refer to these classic games as ‘fruit machines’.

Online Casino Table Games And Slots Summary

BetGold brings you the best of the world of online casinos for you to enjoy in your computer, mobile or tablet, and our games are organized in different categories according to the nature of the games. When you visit our casino page, you can navigate and display different numbers of games according to your preference, and you can also navigate to find games of specific developers that you like.

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