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Euro 2020 Winner Outrights

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Get ready for intense competition in the midst of a pandemic situation. Check which are the favorite football teams to win the Euro 2020.

What Are The Favorite Teams To Win The Euro 2020 According To Sportsbooks

The UEFA European Championship 2020 will be played between June 11th and July 11th, 2021, a postponement that took place in June 2020, due to the COVID-19 epidemic situation, that still devastates the population.
11 cities were chosen to host the football games in this intense month of Euro 2020 competition and the BetGold team will help you with betting tips to choose the winner of the Euro 2020 safe at home, with the same emotion of the stadiums through your online bets.

National Football Teams To Follow Closely At Euro 2020

Belgium Winner Outrights

The Belgian football team are one of the big candidates for the Euro 2020 title, according to Sportsbooks that have already made available the UEFA Euro 2020 Winner Outrights odds. The team will be able to count on great players such as Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, and Kevin De Bruyne to help them to lift the cup. Even though they never won the Euro 2020 title, the Belgians stands out in Group B and are one’s to follow in this month of battles.

Italy Outright Odds

The Italian team, from group A, comes with a great number of victories in the Euro 2020 competition qualifiers. Even though it occupies the 10th position in the FIFA ranking, it’s a football team that has experience in the championship and would be one of the big bets for if they are the Euro 2020 winners this season, according to sports betting specialists from Betgold.

Spain Outright Odds

Speaking about experience, Spain, from group E, is looking for the 4th European Championship title and will give his competitors some hard work, with a strong defense and great thirst to be the Euro 2020 Cup Winners.

France Winner Outrights

When we talk about the current FIFA World Cup champion, also runner-up at the Euro 2020, France, is a great bet for this season. With one of the greatest strikers today, Kylian Mbappé, and other renowned names, such as Griezmann and Pogba, the French have great chances and good odds to guarantee awesome profits for bettors who select them as Euro 2020 Winner in the Outrights. If you want to bet on France, check our selected partners sports betting bonuses.

Portugal Outright Odds To Win The Euro 2020

If you like the thrill and want to take more risk, choose Portugal, who is the current champion of the UEFA European Championship and is not among the big favorites for this season, but has the phenomenal Cristiano Ronaldo, who himself will guarantee great chances of trouble for the other national football teams.
With higher odds than the other teams mentioned in this list, the Betgold sports betting specialists team considers the possibility of more ambitious bettors to guarantee extra profits by betting on the win of the Portuguese football national team at the beginning of the Euro 2020 cup.

How To Bet On Euro 2020?

Considering that the Euro 2020 will take place in a month of confrontations, the Betgold team predicts that the odds values ​​for the winner of the UEFA Euro 2020 Outrights will be changed periodically by the Sportsbooks. For example take a look at KTO Euro 2020 betting bonuses.
More experienced bettors may want to wait until Euro 2020 competition unfolds to bet on the winner of the season, as football is full of surprises, but as we say in Betgold, you have to bet bold and get the odds values ​​from the start of the competition to maximize your profit chances.
Want to know more about the Gambling World? Check our sports betting tips periodically on BetGold News & Tips.

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