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Premier League Matchday 14 Betting Tips and Predictions

BetGold was “on the money” with its Premier League betting guide last weekend. Action starts early this week with rare mid-week fixtures in the Premier League, with one of the great derbies of world football – Everton v Liverpool – offering some brilliant betting opportunities. Our tipster also thinks you can strike gold betting on Manchester United against Arsenal. Claim a welcome bonus from a bookie named on BetGold, then study our Premier League betting guide before betting. Please sign up for our newsletter giving you free Premier League, Bundesliga and Serie A betting guides containing our brilliant pro tips and predictions sportsbook welcome offer

Wednesday 1st December

Watford vs Chelsea Betting Tips

Chelsea fought back to draw with Manchester United last time out but Chelsea would have expected three points and they have just been a bit off their best lately. That said, even a below par Chelsea should beat Watford – who despite playing pretty well have lost 3 of their last 5 matches.

Premier League Odds Home: 11.5
Premier League Odds Draw: 5.75
Premier League Odds Away: 1.34

BetGold EPL prediction: Away
BetGold EPL tip: Not great odds but still just worth betting on Chelsea

Southampton vs Leicester Betting Tips

The Saints couldn’t score and couldn’t win. Some were warning about relegation. Then they revived. Now they are back to losing (two in a row), suggesting they are not out of trouble.

Leicester are inconsistent but generally have improved after a shaky start. They sit i8th in Gold’s form table and 10th in the Premiership. Southampton are in 15th.

Premier League Odds Home: 2.5
Premier League Odds Draw: 3.6
Premier League Odds Away: 3.00

BetGold EPL prediction: away win or draw
BetGold EPL tip: Bet on Leicester draw no bet at Premiership odds of 2.12 – not much downside to this bet

West Ham vs Brighton Betting Tips

West Ham have suffered two recent losses but one was against Man City – who are on a five-match winning run – and the other against a fiery Wolves. West Ham also managed victory over Liverpool recently – not many have done that.

Brighton have had a great season and haven’t slipped that far down the table with harder fixtures. Decent away, too.

But West Ham should beat Brighton their own soil.

Premier League Odds Home: 2.08
Premier League Odds Draw: 3.6
Premier League Odds Away: 4.00

BetGold EPL prediction: Home
BetGold EPL tip: Bet West Ham draw no bet at Premier League odds of 1.48. We would be shocked if you lost on that.

Everton vs Liverpool Betting Tips

The Merseyside derby threatens to be very one-sided with a comfortable Liverpool win. Rafa Benitez is battling injuries in a small squad and some crazy voices are suggesting he should be sacked. Short memories: a few weeks ago Newcastle would have done anything to get him back. Still, Everton have endured 5 losses in six games – Gold told you they would even lose to Brentford last week, and so it proved.

Liverpool have victories in their 3 most recent games, scoring 4 in two of those. They are a pleasure to watch moving forward with so many attacking possibilities.

Kurgen Klopp’s team have hit more than three goals in 5 of 6 away matches so far.

Premier League Odds Home: 8.2
Premier League Odds Draw: 5.3
Premier League Odds Away: 1.42

BetGold EPL prediction: Away
BetGold EPL tip: Can Everton prevent Liverpool’s goal machine? Unlikely. Liverpool’s last 6 away matches have all contained over 2.5 goals. We have bet over 1.5 Liverpool goals at Premier League odds of 1.44, as well as the straight Liverpool victory

Thursday 2nd December

Manchester United vs Arsenal Betting Tips

United actually did pretty well to gain a point at Chelsea, even if they were frustrated not to have won given they were ahead. After a terrible start Arsenal sit 2nd in the form table and hardly ever fail now against weaker teams. Amazingly, that probably includes Man Utd at the moment. A team of superstars? United have dozens of superstars – not just Ronaldo – but are they even a team?

Premier League Odds Home: 2.03
Premier League Odds Draw: 3.76
Premier League Odds Away: 3.75

BetGold EPL prediction: We don’t see United winning
BetGold EPL tip: Arsenal draw no bet at Premiership odds of 2.76 is generous. Arsenal don’t concede too many except against a few big teams so under 3.5 goals at Premiership odds of 1.46 is interesting, but United’s leaky defence makes that quite risky. Our big bet is on Arsenal at a handicap of +2 at Premiership odds of 1.3. Free money! sportsbook welcome offer

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