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Online Slots

One of the most traditional games of the Casino universe are the slots. Back in the days where only physical Casinos were available, they were much simpler, usually displayed in a traditional 3 rows and 3 reels format, and games featuring traditional symbols such as fruits and other classics like ‘Bar’, ‘7’ and ‘Bonus’ were easy to find.

Nowadays the Virtual machines transformed the world of Slots completely. While it was possible to win interesting amounts of money in the past, nowadays there are slots that feature progressive jackpots within networks of developers, and lucky gamblers win prizes of dozens of millions of dollars every year.

How to Play Online Slots at BetGold

 Your first step to win big is to register an account, then make your first deposit and you will be ready to browse our big selection of Online Slots and find the game that suits your gambling needs

Slots may vary in terms of risk and return proportions, but they are generally much easy to play. Your actions are usually limited to defining the financial aspects of your bets then spin the reels at the so called ‘base game’. Some virtual machines offer ‘bonus games’ sometimes related to jackpots or simply free spins and multipliers.

Features such as the Autoplay and Maxbet can help setting the game faster.

The games remain good to play as long as you have money in your balance.

Online Slots Rules

You need to land a winning combination to win any prize money, this is the basic rule, which in other words can be described as activating a payline.

In the past this meant to form a direct horizontal, vertical or diagonal line in a game featuring a board format of 3×3. Nowadays the games may offer other possibilities such as trapezes, zig zags and many other payline formats.

Usually, slots games require that winning combinations begin at the left side of the board, however some rare games allow them to start from both sides. In case you are playing a game with a big board such as 6×6 or the traditional 5×3, some games feature the possibility of winning with the so called ‘winning ways’ which require simply to land 3 similar symbols in 3 consecutive reels.

Different Types of Slot Games

At BetGold we have all the virtual machine variations that a slot fan may want to play. They include:

  • Classic Slots – They resemble the first generation of mechanic slots, and the vintage style will make you travel to the past of the Casinos’ Universe
  • 3D Slots – They are much different than the original slots and are more like Casino Video Games. They may include moving symbols that ‘take a walk’ across the board, such as the Moving Wilds present at some games. Expanding Wilds are also a brand-new feature unimaginable back at the days when the only Casino options were the in-land ones. 
  • 3-Reel Games – They feature the most traditional board format of 3 rows and 3 reels, and the symbols are usually fruits or Casino Classics such as the ‘Bar’, the ‘7’, the ‘Bell’ and the ‘Bonus’.
  • Jackpot Games – They feature big prizes and sometimes they are connected to networks of jackpots that can pay fantastic prizes in excess of 20 million dollars. 

BetGold is your new best place to bet using video slots and progressive jackpot games!

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