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South American Qualifiers – Football Betting Tips

Pro Tipster BetGold
Rodrigo Barragan Crespo

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These are the best sports betting tips for the top football games in South American Qualifiers. Tipster BetGold Rodrigo Crespo’s Tips and Top Predictions sportsbook welcome offer

BetGold sports betting specialist Rodrigo Crespo brings you the betting predictions for the South American Qualifiers games. You, a bettor who manages your bankroll well, will be able to take advantage of different types of markets in many hot games and get profits.

Ecuador v Venezuela Betting Predictions

November 11th

Ecuador and Venezuela compete for the 13th round of the World Cup Qualifiers on Thursday at 06:00 pm (Brazilia time) at the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium. The two teams are going through different moments in the championship, Ecuador is in third place with 17 points and won 76% of their points playing at home, while Venezuela is in last place with only 7 points and lost all matches as a visitor.
The prediction for Ecuador to win is strong, guaranteeing odds of 1.40 at If you want a bolder bet, the Handicap -1.5 Ecuador is with odds of 2.38 at

Paraguay v Chile Betting Predictions

November 11th

Paraguay and Chile compete for the 13th round of the World Cup Qualifiers on Thursday at 8:00 pm (Brazilia time) at the Defensores del Chaco stadium. Chile are recovering from a bad start to the qualifiers and are still dreaming of a place at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Paraguay are coming off an incredible 4×0 defeat by Bolivia and has already lost 2×0 to Chile in the first leg. Despite Paraguay playing at home and Chile still not having won a single victory in 6 games away from their country, I see much more value in betting on the visiting team.
My tip is to bet on the Draw no Bet – Chile guaranteeing odds of 1.99 at >

Brazil v Colombia Betting Predictions

November 11th

Brazil and Colombia compete for the 13th round of the World Cup Qualifiers on Thursday at 09:30 (Brazilia Time) at the Neo Química Arena stadium. Brazil is doing an impeccable campaign so far, with 10 wins and 1 draw, in 11 games played.

They are the big favorite for the game, improved a lot after the entry of forward Rafinha (Leeds), but he won’t have an easy life against Colombia,

The prediction for Brazil to win is strong, guaranteeing odds of 1.41 at Another tip is to bet on Over 2.5 goals with odds 2.01 at

Peru v Bolivia Betting Predictions

November 11th

Peru and Bolivia compete for the 13th round of the World Cup Qualifiers on Thursday at 11:00 pm (Brazilia time) at the National Stadium in Lima. Although Bolivia (7th place) is ahead of Peru (9th place) on the leaderboard, the difference between the two teams in normal playing conditions is striking.

The Bolivia campaign is all about earning as many points as possible playing at home, taking advantage of the altitude. The last Peru defeat, playing at home, against Bolivia, was in 1989.

The prediction for Peru to win is strong, guaranteeing odds of 1.39 at If you want a bolder bet, the Handicap -1.5 Peru has odds 2.21 at

Uruguay v Argentina Betting Predictions

November 12th

Uruguay and Argentina compete for the 13th round of the World Cup Qualifiers on Friday at 08:00 pm (Brazilia time) at the Campeón del Siglo stadium.

It will be a true South American classic, very intense and with little space for creating moves. Argentina is undefeated in the qualifiers (7w and 4d), but will have a tough opponent ahead. In the last match between the two teams, Argentina beat Uruguay 3-0, with a show by Messi. This time the story should be different, Uruguay will play in front of their fans and they need the victory to continue on the path to the next World Cup in 2022.

My tip is to bet that the game will have Under 2.5 goals guaranteeing odds of 1.59 at If you want a bolder bet, the Draw has odds of 3.05 at

Betgold specialists always emphasize the importance of managing your bank and calculating the amount to be bet on each coupon, according to the risk margin of the guess.
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