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Australian WNBL Basketball

Australian WNBL basketball player driving ball to the play

The Women’s National Basketball League, which is simply known as the WNBL, is the women’s version of competitive basketball action in Australia. The competition features some of the best women’s teams and players the world has seen, thus making it a competition that is hugely popular for online betting.

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Women’s National Basketball League Format And Rules

The WNBL consists of eight teams and will generally start in early October and finish in mid to late February each year. Each team will play a total of 24 matches, 12 at home and 12 away. As there are only eight teams in the division, it means that some teams will face each other on three or four occasions.

Nonetheless, this particular format will give bettors around the world the opportunity to get involved in WNBL betting on a number of occasions over the few months that it is scheduled to take place in each year.

The teams that finish in the top four spots of the division will progress to the Championship ladder, which will then see two matches take place for a place in the WNBL Finals. The teams that finish in the first and second positions of the table following the conclusion of the regular season will receive home advantage in their first matches. 

These matches can provide some great WNBL odds as they are competed in a format that follows a three-game system. The games will be played against the teams that finish in third and fourth.

The winners of these three-game series will advance to the WNBL grand final, and the home side will be the team that has the highest seeding – the highest league finish in the regular season. The winner of the three-game series that takes place will simply be crowned the winners of that season’s WNBL.

Background Of The WNBL

The WNBL has been in existence for a significant period of time and has become a hugely popular sport amongst fans in Australia and around the world. The competition may only have eight teams currently competing in it, however they still do manage to boast some of the best female players in the sport.

Indeed, there have been teams to have dominated the competition over a number of years in the past, however there has been a significant rise in WNBL betting in more recent seasons because the league has become slightly less predictable and there have been a plethora of different winners.

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