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Brazilian NBB

Brazilian Novo Basquete Brasil player blocking oponent in NBB match

The Novo Basquete Brasil is the top tier of men’s professional basketball in Brazil. Founded in 2008, it consists of 16 teams from across Brazil, including sides from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Londrina. The competitive nature of the league lends itself well to online betting, with fantastic odds being offered across Basketball markets here at BetGold.

How Does The NBB Work?

The season consists of two parts. The first part sees the 16 teams play one another home and away, in a double round-robin format. The second part is made up of a play-off system. The four highest-ranked sides at the end of the league competition enter the play-offs automatically.

The teams that finish between 5th place and 12th place enter the first round of play-off qualifying, in which 5th placed plays 12th place, 6th place plays 11th place, and so on. The four winners of these games advance to play the top four automatically qualified.

These knockout rounds begin at the quarter-final stage and each round is played as a best of five games. The current champions are Flamengo, who beat Franca 3-2 in the final of the 2018-19 competition. They remain champions for the 2019/20 season, as they sat at the top of the league table when the league was declared void in early May due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Novo Basquete Brasil Team To Watch- Flamengo:

Flamengo are the most successful team in the NBB’s short history, having won the competition on six occasions. The club from Rio de Janeiro are an offshoot of the equally successful football club with the same name.

In addition to winning the competition six times, they have also finished runners-up on one occasion, losing 3-2 to Brasilia in the 2009-2010 final. However, they are often found at short odds to do well in any given year, due to their pedigree.

Where Can I Watch The NBB?

The 2019-20 season for the first time offered fans the opportunity to watch 100% of the competition. A proportion of these games are available on the NBB Facebook and Twitter pages. However, the league is also shown on Fox Sports and ESPN online. A new addition for the 2019-20 season is the streaming service DAZN, who stream the majority of the NBB fixtures.

Brazilian NBB Basketball Betting Tips By BetGold

NBB betting represents a fantastic opportunity to bet on basketball, due to the intensity of the league. This opportunity is only enhanced by the wide range of betting tips and guides that BetGold offers.

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