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NCAAB basketball player ready to run with the ball

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or the NCAA as it is more commonly known, is the organisation that arranges the national college basketball league in the United States of America. College basketball is incredibly popular in North America, in fact, its popularity almost rivals the NBA in terms of the number of fans watching and people betting on the competition. 

Historically it was known as the breeding ground for the NBA, as most of the top players used to come through the NCAAB before turning professional. While not so much the case now, it still has many great teams and players. NCAAB Betting is essential for any online betters who enjoy finding odds on great basketball games.

NCAAB Background

The NCAA is a well-established organisation, dating back to 1906. However, there have been basketball played between different colleges well before this, with the first recorded match being in 1896. Vanderbilt University played a local team from Nashville and were 9-6 winners. There are now over 1000 different universities and colleges who take place in college basketball, and thankfully for online betting fans, the scores in the matches are always a lot higher than that first game back in 1896.

NCAAB Format

The top division for college basketball is the NCAA division 1. There are an astounding 354 schools playing in 32 different conferences, as it is the only way to divide up such a large country. There are also two further basketball  divisions in the NCAA, which themselves each contain hundreds of great teams and players. With so many games constantly happening, online betters will never be short of matches to find odds on.

March Madness Basketball Event

March Madness is one of the most famous annual sporting events in North America. It is a single elimination tournament held each spring, where 68 teams take part to decide who will become the national champion. With each side only ever one loss away from knockout, it makes every single game a thrilling watch for fans and online betters to watch. With ever changing odds, it means BetGold customers have the opportunity to find dark horses who could upset the favourites and grab an unexpected victory in the tournament.

NCAAB Iconic Teams And Players

First held in 1939, the most successful side in the tournament are UCLA (University College of Los Angeles) who won the competition 11 times. They are still a favourite of online betters, despite having not won a title since 1995. The most recent winners of the tournament were the Virginia Cavaliers, who will look to retain their title when the competition resumes.

The Texas Longhorns have produced a number of top future NBA stars, including Kevin Bryant and LaMarcus Alridge. The Kentucky Wildcats have also produced some great players, such as De’Aaron Fox and Karl-Anthony Towns.

The Best Betting Tips For The NCAAB Are At BetGold

BetGold offers its customers betting tips for the big NCAAB matches. With a wide variety of bookmakers offering profitable odds and all the most popular basketball markets, customers of BetGold will never run out of opportunities to place bets on these matches. 

And it’s not just NCAAB Betting tips we offer, as BetGold gives better knowledge on a big number of different basketball leagues.

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