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Asia Cup

Cricket player batting ball during Asia Cup match

The Asia Cup, organized by the Asian Cricket Council, is a men’s cricket tournament, featuring countries from Asia, as the name suggests. The Asia Cup has been played in both ODI and T20 formats, with the most recent edition, in 2018, being an ODI tournament and won by India. 

The relatively small size of the participant pool, combined with the presence of a heavyweight country like India, makes Asia Cup betting odds quite interesting, with BetGold covering all the relevant matches and providing top betting tips for Asia Cup betting.

Asia Cup History

The first edition of the tournament was held in 1984 in the UAE, when it was established to improve goodwill between the Asian cricket-playing nations. However, this has not always been the case, with countries often boycotting the tournament due to strained relations with other participants. 

Nevertheless, the Asia Cup has seen full participation in recent years, especially since 2009 since when it has been conducted biennially. This has meant that the major Asian cricketing nations – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, have regularly participated in the Asia Cup, and thus the online betting odds for the tournament are usually in these teams’ favour.

Asia Cup 2020 Format

Since 2016, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has ruled that the format of the Asia Cup will depend on the upcoming world cricket events. Thus, in the run-up to the 2019 ODI World Cup, the 2018 Asia Cup was an ODI tournament, and similarly, the 2020 Asia Cup will be a T20 tournament to provide preparation and practice for the teams for the 2020 T20 World Cup.

Therefore, the Asia Cup betting markets and odds depend a lot on the format of the tournament, with T20 offering a much higher chance of upset wins. Further, while India are one of the best in the world in ODI cricket, Pakistan have been one of the predominant T20 sides in recent years, further influencing the betting odds and markets for online betting websites such as the ones BetGold has already reviewed.

Top Teams Of The Asia Cup

India are the most successful side in the history of the Asia Cup with seven title wins. Six of those have been in the ODI format, with one being a T20 victory. Sri Lanka are second on that list, with five tournament victories. 

The ‘Big Three’ Asian countries of India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are the only teams to have won the tournament, with Bangladesh only managing to make the final on three occasions, losing all three times. Thus, once again, this can help fans make their betting choices, with India usually being the overwhelming favourites ahead of the tournament. This is reflected in the odds, and so there may be good opportunities if there is an upset win. However, India have generally dominated the tournament, only losing one of the eight finals they have appeared in, and are thus usually the safest bet, especially if they progress to the latter stages of the tournament. 

The other teams to take part in the tournament are usually decided through qualifiers, with the likes of Hong Kong, Afghanistan, the UAE and Oman all having made appearances at the Asia Cup.

Cricket Asian Cup Betting Tips

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