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Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft

Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft player disputing esports tounament

Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft is the premier competition in the CS:GO esport for players and teams based in Germany. The competition attracts a number of the best players and teams on a consistent basis, thus proving to be incredibly competitive when the action unfolds.

Indeed, BetGold can provide all the Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft betting opportunities that online betting can provide, as well as providing members with some of the best Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft betting tips available anywhere on the internet.

What Is Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft eSports Tournament?

As briefly described, the Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft event is Germany’s premier competition and is the highest national division available to players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Germany. The competition is played in various locations around the country.

Each season will see eight ‘core teams’ compete in the first five Cups against the top eight teams to have come from the German Madjor Ladder.

Teams will acquire points depending on the performance that they provide during the Cups, with the top eight teams then progressing to the online group stage.

Due to the nature of this competition, there are certainly a number of Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft betting opportunities available for online betting enthusiasts, as the action always promises to be incredibly competitive at each stage of the competition.

How Does The CS: GO ESL Meisterschaft Work?

The Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft event is split into two parts; the regular season and the playoffs. This format will only help to further provide bettors with a number of different Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft betting opportunities over the course of the event.

During the regular season portion of the event, there are 12 teams who will be split into two different groups – each consisting of six teams apiece. Matches will be played over a Best of Two format, with points given out depending on the map being played. Regulation will see winners awarded three points, whereas Overtime will award two points. Losers, though, will still receive a point.

The playoff season will be competed by the best three teams within each group in a single elimination bracket format. The group winners will each receive a bye and be automatically placed in the Semifinals of the competition, whilst the others will need to start from the Quarterfinals. Each match is played out in a Best of Three format.

With so many different matches taking place throughout the Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft event, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of the competitive Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft betting tips that BetGold provide members when the esports event is on.

Best Sites With Betting Tips For Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft

Indeed, online betting is incredibly popular for gamblers all around the world and having the best experiences possible is paramount for many of them. 

BetGold will certainly provide them with the best that can possibly be felt anywhere on the internet, even when punters are looking for the most comprehensive Counter-Strike: GO ESL Meisterschaft betting tips and the best eSports betting markets available.

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