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Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT

Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT eSports tournament crowd

Bettors looking for some of the newest competitive esports action available would be wise to get involved with the Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT series as this new competition can provide them with a number of great Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT betting opportunities.

Due to its infancy and newness to the world of esports, BetGold can provide those looking for top betting tips for the competition with some of the most competitive predictions available, thus making us one of the best eSports betting websites for those looking to get involved.

What Is The FPS Gaming Competition Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT?

Having only been established in 2020, Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT is one of the newest competitions to have been formed within the Counter-Strike: GO game series competitive sphere.

The FLASHPOINT competition is a team-owned league that has been provided to players in the Counter-Strike: GO circuit and is operated by FACEIT. FACEIT is a leading independent competitive gaming platform for online multiplayer games that is based in London and has been in existence since 2011. The company is incredibly popular amongst esports gamers, as they regularly attract over 13 million users each month and over 15 million game sessions each month.

Betting On CS: GO FLASHPOINT eSports Competition

There have only been a handful of Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT competitions so far, however they have each remained incredibly competitive. With a bounty of at least $1 million having been on offer for the winner, there are a vast number of Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT betting opportunities for bettors to make the most of.

With the huge prize pot on offer to win for players, bettors can also find that they can be in for a nice return when placing a wager on the action as BetGold continues to offer them some of the best Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT betting tips around benefiting those looking to get involved with online betting in the esports sphere.

CS: GO FLASHPOINT Tournament Format

There are an abundance of Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT betting opportunities available due to the format that has been put in place in regards to how the competition is played.

There are two phases to be played prior to a playoff bracket as each team and player look to try and obtain the huge prize pot available.

The first and second phase will see three double-elimination format groups which consist of four teams each. Each of the matches contested are across a series of best of three, thus providing bettors with a number of opportunities to get the best Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT odds available.

The playoff phase will feature a double-elimination bracket that consists of the top 8 teams with the most points from the first stage. Teams will be seeded based on the points collected in the first phases and all matches will be contested on the best of three format once again to determine the winner.

Searching For Good eSports Betting Tips? Welcome To BetGold!

When looking for Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT betting opportunities, BetGold should be considered the number one destination as we provide some of the most competitive betting tips available for those looking to further enhance their Counter-Strike: GO FLASHPOINT betting experiences a little more.

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