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Brazilian Carioca Championship

Fluminense football player cheering goal during Carioca Championship match

The Campeonato Estadual do Rio de Janeiro, more commonly known as the Campeonato Carioca is the annual football championship of the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is an incredibly competitive and exciting league, making it gripping viewing for both fans of football and online betting. BetGold is the place to be for Carioca Betting, as we offer great betting tips for the big matches, giving customers ample opportunity to win.

About Rio de Janeiro State Football Championship

The Carioca is one of the oldest football leagues in not only Brazil, but the whole world. It was first established in 1906, so it has been running for an incredible 116 years. Made up of 16 sides from across the state of Rio, it means that in this time there the league has seen some incredibly passionate and intense rivalries, some of the most compelling in all of South American football.

Top Teams Of The Brazilian Carioca Championship

With Rio de Janeiro being such a massive city, it is no surprise that eight of the sixteen sides that make up the Carioca are based there. The most well known and successful of these teams are undoubtedly Flamengo. The side who play their games in the world famous Maracanã stadium in the centre of Rio have won the Campeonato Carioca an eye-watering 35 different times. 

While they did win their first title back in 1914, they have continued to have success in the competition ever since; they have won the league at least once in every decade since. They also won the most recent league title in 2019, and will be looking to retain their title when the competition starts up again. They are of course a favourite with people online betting, as they will always have great odds no matter who they are up against.

They aren’t the only team with incredible success in the Carioca however; their city, and stadium rivals, Fluminense are not far behind Flamengo in terms of league title victories. They themselves have lifted the trophy 31 times. While they are another team who online betters are always keen to watch, they have had a few barren years in the league, having not won it since 2012. However, they are never to be written off, and their odds are always worth.

Brazil Carioca Teams To Keep An Eye On

Two other Rio based sides deserve a mention; Vasco de Gama have won the Carioca 24 times, most recently in 2016, and Botafogo, who themselves have 21 league titles, and won the competition as recently as 2018. 

The four Rio based sides have a great rivalry between them, and regularly produce exciting and controversial games. Online betters would be smart to pay attention to these games, to see what markets BetGold have to offer.

Why You Should Check BetGold To Find Top Carioca Betting Tips

Carioca Betting is growing in popularity, with the games in the league getting more and more attention. BetGold offers top betting tips for the Campeonato Carioca and gives their customers the chance to find predictions for some of the most popular football markets. It is not just the Carioca that we offer great tips, as we cover all the major Brazilian football leagues. Check our partners to have access to the best odds and bonuses

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