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Brazilian Alagoano Championship

Brazilian players disputing ball during a Alagoano Championship match

The Brazil Alagoano is a football league that operates in the Brazilian state of Alagoano. Also known as the Campeonato Alagoano, the league is organised by the state’s regional football federation- Federação Alagoana de Futebol. 

The league was founded way back in 1927 and the fact that it is a well-established league makes Brazil Alagoano a very reliable betting option for betters online. BetGold offers some great betting tips on the league and these can be read on the official BetGold website.

Alagoano Championship League Format

Despite being a football league that operates at a state-level and not at the national league, the relegation system is followed in Alagoano. The relegated teams drop down into the second-division called Campeonato Alagoano Second Division and it carries the English name.

The format of the league is slightly different to many other leagues in the game. A total of eight teams take part in the league. And all these eight teams initially play each other twice in a round-robin format. They play the other teams at home once each and the second games take place away from home.

Three points are awarded for a win, while no points are awarded for the losing team. There is no facility for extra-time or penalty shootouts in the first stage as this is essentially the league stage in the Brazil Alagoano. 

But once all the teams have played all their games, the teams that are at the top four make it to the semi-finals of the competition. In this, the first position team plays the team at fourth. The team at third plays the team at second. This leads to a very interesting betting battle for odds, as the games are less in number, even though these are play-offs that have a total of two legs.

The winners of these two ties reach the final. Even in the final, the two leg rule applies. Whoever wins the tie is crowned the champion. In the Alagoano, the team that finishes last endures relegation to the second division of the state.

All these teams take part in the Copa do Brasil too and you can read professional betting tips available on BetGold online.

Brazilian Alagoano Championship Recent History

CSA have won the Alagoano title the highest number times- 38. They also won the most recent edition of the tournament, having also won it in 2018. This makes CSA a very lucrative and reliable betting option for betters online.

Apart from CSA, CRB have also been active in the hunt for titles over the years. They won the very first edition of the Alagoano and have won the crown a fair share of times since then -30. 

CRB last won the title in 2017 and have finished second in the league over the last two seasons, finishing as runner-ups to CSA on both the occasions. Another team called ASA has won the crown seven times since the inception of the Alagoano.

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