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Brazilian Baiano Championship

Brazilian players disputing ball during a Baiano Championship match

The Carioca and the Paulista are the two main football regional leagues in Brazil, respectively pitting the best clubs in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo against one another. A further league is Brazil’s Baiano, where the 10 teams from the Bahia region compete for victory to propel their club to glory. After nine matches for each team, the top four advance to the semi-finals. The winners of that two-legged tie then meet in a two-legged final.

Brazil Baiano Championship History

BetGold allows you to enjoy betting tips for this league. The odds are one in ten of picking a winner of Brazil’s Baiano. Historically the biggest club has been 48-time champions Bahia, who have a 20-trophy lead over Vitoria (28 wins) and a 38-trophy lead over Ypiranga (10). 

From 1970 to 1988, Bahia only failed to win the league three times (1972, 1980 and 1985), which shows their extreme dominance in this era. After a troubled decade in the 2000s, they triumphed in 2012, 2014 and 2015 and are the current champions. They are odds-on favourites for the next Baiano.

Betting on Gilberto’s goal tally is advisable. The striker who has played in Major League Soccer and for São Paulo joined Bahia in 2018. The side has an impressive squad full of Brazilian players: in the 2019 season, wingers Elber, Artur and Arthur Caike all chipped in with plenty of goals. All three players are still with Bahia as they look for their 49th Baiano title.

Otherwise you might want to scan the odds for the recent form of Vitoria’s strike force, which includes Felipe Garcia. He grew up in Denmark and has also played in Japan. Alagoinhas striker João Neto was the top scorer in the 2019 league, though he has since moved to Jacobina. 

They are also in Brazil’s Baiano league and narrowly avoided relegation in 2019. That season, Bahia beat Bahia De Feira 2-1 over two legs, having overcome Alagoinhas 5-0 on aggregate in the semi-final.

Vitoria were the other team to lose their semi-final, but the odds of them doing well in Brazil’s Baiano are low thanks to their history and prestige. It didn’t matter that Bahia De Feira and Alagoinhas finished ahead of Bahia in the league – both were on 16 points to Bahia’s 15 – they were only in a position to advance to the semi-finals. This keeps betting opportunities open right until the final games.

The Best Betting Tips For The Baiano Championship Are At BetGold

Brazilian football is played in front of passionate crowds who have enjoyed organized football for over a century. Plenty of Brazilians make the leap to European clubs: witness Il Fenomeno Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Alisson, who have all been part of key teams in England, Spain and Italy.

The Baiano is a good place to spot future talent, who have proven that they can score goals or impress in the regional division. Betting on games in this division is recommended, especially as any team can beat any other, or Bahia can have an off-day and enable a relegation-threatened side to embarrass them. 

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