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Brazilian Brasiliense Championship

Brazilian players disputing ball during a Brasiliense Championship match

The Brasiliense is the top-tier of football that is played in the federal units of Distrito Federal in Brazil. For linguistic purposes, it is also known as the Campeonato Brasiliense and it is operated by the regional football federation that is called Distrito Federal Football Federation. 

The league was formed way back in 1959 and this makes the Brasiliense a very reliable and lucrative betting option for those interested in betting odds. BetGold offers some great betting tips for Brasiliense league and they can be read on the official BetGold website.

How The Brasiliense Championship Works?

The Brasiliense isn’t exactly restricted to those teams that play in the federal units of the area. But teams that are located within 200 kilometres of Brasilia are also eligible for entry into the competition. 

Because of this rule, Atlética Luziânia and Unaí Esporte Clube take part in the competition and it increases the possibility of betting and having more odds. Both those teams are from areas around the federal units that play in the Brasiliense.

As for the format, a total of 12 teams take part in the Brasiliense. From the 2017 season onwards, a consistent format has been followed in the league.

The competition follows three separate stages. In the first round, all the 12 teams play against each other twice in the round. The first game takes place at home, while the second game takes place away from home. All teams are within one group and that makes it easier for betters to know about the betting picks.

Once the whole first round is played out in this way, the top four teams make it to the next round. The bottom two out of the 12 get relegated into the second-division of the football in the state. 

In the second round for the top-four from the first-round, the teams play each other in a similar round-robin format. They play each other twice- like they did in the first round. The teams that finish in the top two positions in this qualify for the finals. 

The final is played over two legs and the winner is the team that has won on aggregate. While this is the current format, it can still change depending on the situation and fancies of the authorities.

Brazilian Brasiliense Championship Key Moments

Gama are the most recent champions of the Brasiliense and they won the competition in 2019. They have also won the title the highest number of times in history- 12. This domination proves to be a key factor for betting and for seeking betting odds on BetGold.

The 1990s were an era of dominance for Gama. They won the title as many as seven times in that period. But the early 2000s were a very fruitful period for Brasiliense themselves. They won consecutively from 2004 to 2009, winning it on six consecutive occasions.

Betting Tips For The Brasiliense Championship By BetGold

The last four seasons have seen four different champions. It shows how the league has changed and it makes a very interesting betting option for those seeking odds in the Brasiliense.

BetGold is the prime destination for seeking top betting tips for this state championship. And not just football tips in this league, BetGold does the same for many other sports and football leagues in the world.

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