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Brazilian Cearense Championship

Brazilian players disputing ball during a Cearense Championship match

The Brazilian Cearense is the top-tier of football in the Brazilian state of Ceara. Since the league is a regional one, it is organised and run by the Federacao Cearense de Futbol, which is also the regional federation of Ceara. 

The league was established way back in 1915, making it a very reliable betting option for seeking betting odds. 

BetGold offers some great betting tips for the Brazilian Cearense Championship and these can be read or availed here.This league is played every year, so bettors can look forward to potential rewards and returns on a regular basis.

Cearense Championship Format

The format of the Cearense is a rather simple one. 12 teams take part in it and even though the format is regularly changed, the current one has 12 teams playing in it. That format is being followed in recent years and the league is played in three different divisions.

The 12 teams are included in a single group in the first division. Interestingly, the ties are played in three different ways. While the teams play each other in two legs, there are three different stages in each leg. This allows for more potential in availing odds and winning betting rewards.

The first stage sees the teams play each other once. After the first-stage, teams are looked at on the basis of the points. The winning team picks up three points, with the losing team getting no points. The top-four teams go on to play each other in two-legged ties on a knockout basis. The first-placed side plays the team that is fourth, while the team that is third plays the team that is second.

Brazilian Cearense Championship Final Stage

The third stage is the final one. The teams that won their knockout games in the over the two legs make it to the third stage and play in the final. This final is also a two-legged tie and the winner on aggregate is crowned the champion.

As for relegation, no play-offs or a mini-tournament is played. The two teams that finish at the bottom of the table are relegated to the second division.

The second and third division also follow quite a similar format and allow for promotion into the upper leagues in the Cearense. 

Cearense Championship Recent Winners

Ceara SC have won the Cearense the most number of times in the league’s history- 45. Their domination in the league has followed from the early years of the competition till the modern times, as their most recent title win came as early as 2018.

Ceara also finished second in the league in the 2019 campaign. Fortaleza though, won the title in 2019 and as a result, are the most recent champions of the first division. While Ceara have dominated in recent years, Fortaleza are the only team to have come close to challenging their might by winning the title four teams since 2010.

Why Betting On The Brazilian Cearense Championship

This makes the Cearense a rather predictable league to guess. Betting odds on the two big clubs are high. BetGold offers some great betting tips for this tournament and not just that, they also offer great deals in many other football and sports leagues in the world.

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