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Brazilian Copa Da Hora

Football players disputing ball during a Brazilian Copa de Hora

The Copa da Hora was a friendly football competition held in July 2010, as a result of the Brazilian National Football league having to be suspended due to the 2010 FIFA World Cup taking place at the same time. 

It was an invitational tournament between four teams, with games played between each other, and the team at the top of the pile being declared the winner. It was one of the last such friendly tournaments in Brazilian football, having been organized due to the extenuating circumstances of the World Cup, and thus the Copa da Hora is a special tournament for Brazilian football fans, with many betting sites such as BetGold having even carried betting tips for this friendly tournament.

Brazilian Football Copa da Hora Historical Background

The four teams which participated in the 2010 Copa da Hora were Vasco da Gama, Avai, Coritiba and Gremio. All of the matches were held at the Ressacada Stadium in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina. 

Copa da Hora Format

The Copa da Hora featured one-off games between each of the teams; thus, each team played three matches in total. The first round of fixtures saw Coritiba beat Gremio 2-0, while Vasco da Gama defeated Awai 3-1. In the next round, Gremio defeated Vasco 3-0, while Awai beat Coritiba 2-1. 

Thus, after the first two rounds of fixtures, all four teams were tied on three points each, and thus the last round would be the pivotal one towards deciding the eventual winners. In the final round of games, Vasco beat Coritiba 3-2, and Awai defeated Gremio by the same scoreline. Thus, the final table saw Vasco and Awai tied at the top with six points each, and even their goal difference and goals scored tallies were the same. 

Thus, the head-to-head record came into play, and so Vasco were crowned as the winners of the Copa da Hora, having beaten Awai in the first round. Four players tied for the most number of goals scored, with Emerson (Awai), Leonardo (Awai), Jonah (Gremio) and Pereira (Coritiba) all having scored two goals in their clubs’ three games. 

Copa da Hora Is Perfect For Betting Fans

This would have been quite the tournament for betting fans, with a number of close games, a lot of goals and a stunning tied finish which needed the head-to-head tiebreaker to decide the eventual winner of the Copa da Hora.

The Copa da Hora may have been a one-off tournament, created to fill the gap in the Brazilian football schedule due to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but it was an extremely entertaining one, with all four teams winning at least one of their games, and the winning place being up for grabs going into the last round of games. 

Of course, it was not a truly competitive tournament since it was invitational and a friendly tournament in nature, but the games themselves did not seem like they were meaningless, with most of the matches being high-scoring.

Why It Worths Betting On The Copa da Hora Tournament

In fact, with 3.67 goals per game, it would have been a very good tournament for sports betting fans, with the odds constantly swinging from one team to the other, and uncertainty and excitement around the identity of the eventual winners.

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