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Brazilian Copa do Nordeste

football player running with controlled ball during a Brazilian Nordeste Cup match

The Copa do Nordeste is a cup competition that involves the Brazilian teams from the northeastern teams of the country. The league is also known as the Campeonato de Nordeste or just Copa Nordeste. Because of the UEFA Champions League, it is also known as the Lampion’s League is some quarters of that area in Brazil.

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Copa Do Nordeste Background And Format

The competition was founded back in 1976, but it had a much different name than what it currently has. It had the modern name for the first time in 1994. There was a two-year period from 1997 to 1999 when the winners of the Copa do Nordeste was granted qualification into the Copa Conmebol.

This changed from 2000 to 2002, when the winner was granted qualification to the Copa dos Campeones. But from 2003 to the year 2010, the Copa do Nordeste wasn’t played. It did return in 2013. From 2014 to 2016, the winner of the competition began getting a spot in the famous Copa Sudamericana.

As things stand, the winner of the Copa Nordeste is guaranteed a spot in the Copa do Brasil- the national cup competition in the country.

New Copa do Nordeste Format

A new format for the Copa do Nordeste was adopted in 2018. A pre-Copa do Nordeste was played from that year on and this was essentially the play-off qualifiers equivalent of the UEFA Champions League before the group stages. The pre-Copa do Nordeste has eight teams competing against each other in a knockout competition and the four winners make it to the main rounds of the Copa do Nordeste.

12 teams gain direct qualification into the main rounds, while the four others join them to take the numbers upto 16. The first stage has two groups and the competition follows a single round-robin format. Each team plays against the other once. Once all games are played, the top four from each group qualify for the knockout stages or the quarter-final.

Unlike the UEFA Champions League, the knockout stages are played in a single game and not two legs. These are elimination games and only the final is played over two legs. 

The final sees the highest-seeded team host the first-leg because of better performances in the same season. The winner is crowned the champion.

Recent History Of The Brazilian Nordeste Cup

Fortaleza are the current champions of the Copa do Nordeste, but Vitoria have won the competition the highest number of times- 4. They first won it in 1997 but their most recent win came back in 2010, when they had beaten ABC in the final.

Bahia have also won the title thrice and last won it in 2017 by beating Sampaio Correa in the final. 

Betting In Copa Do Nordeste

This shows how open a tournament the Copa do Nordeste can actually be. This makes the betting odds on the league very interesting and BetGold does offer some great betting tips so you can make the most out of this football tournament. 

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