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Copa FGF

football player running with controlled ball during a Brazilian Copa FGF match

The Copa Federação Gaúcha de Futebol, more commonly known as the Copa FGF, is a cup competition held in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, for clubs from the first, second and third divisions of the state’s football championship, the Campeonato Gaúcho.

Due to its scheduling, the clubs in the first division of the Campeonato Brasileiro, the Brazilian national football league, usually do not play with their first-team squads in the Copa FGF, using academy players instead. Nevertheless, despite this, it is still a competitive and entertaining tournament, with online betting tips for the Copa FGF available on BetGold. 

Another interesting tidbit about the Copa FGF is that it is named differently every year, with each edition being named after a notable person in football from the state of Rio Grande, and it has often been used to offer posthumous tributes to people who have passed away that year.

FGF Cup of Brazil’s History

The Copa FGF was established in 2004, and has been held every year since. It has become the most important knockout football tournament in the Rio Grande state, and also gives the opportunity to academy players from the biggest sides to play competitive football. 

Additionally, because the big teams, such as Internacional and Grêmio, play their youth teams, it opens up the possibility of other sides winning the tournament. Thus, when betting on the Copa FGF, it is important to not just go for the big sides, but to study the odds carefully and look at the playing squads of the participating clubs.

The winners of the Copa FGF have the opportunity to participate in the Copa do Brasil, the national-level football cup tournament for Brazil, the following season. Further, they also qualify for the Recopa Gaúcho, playing against the winner of the Gaúcho football championship – the top-tier of the football championship for the state of Rio Grande. 

Recent Winners Of The Copa Federação Gaúcha De Futebol

At present, Pelotas are the defending champions, beating São José in the final. Additionally, the winners of the Copa FGF also qualify for the fourth division of the national football league, Serie D of the Brazilian football championship. 

Thus, one can see that the Copa FGF is a rather prestigious cup tournament at the state level, and therefore it is fiercely competitive, as it offers smaller teams the chance to move up the Brazilian football ladder. This is also why the betting odds for the Copa FGF are spread out over a number of teams, with most online betting sites offering odds on all the matches in the tournament.

The competitiveness of the Copa FGF can be seen from the fact that a number of clubs have won the tournament. At present, Internacional, Juventude, Lajeadense, Novo Hamburgo and Pelotas have all won the Copa FGF twice, with other clubs doing so one time only. 

Top Betting Tips For The Copa FGF

Thus, it has not been dominated by any one club, and this makes it extremely exciting for fans, as well as from a betting perspective. Punters thus have many options to place their bets on, and with odds being spread out over multiple teams, there is great potential if the correct team is backed.

State football cup tournaments can be a very good way to profit with online bookies thanks to the small dimension. If you want to find more of these competitions check our football leagues betting tips available at BetGold.

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