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Brazilian Copa Verde

football player dribbling opponent during a Brazilian Copa Verde match

The Copa Verde is an annual regional cup competition for club sides in Brazil, organized by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). It replaced the Copa Centro-Oeste, and the aim of the CBF was to replicate the Copa do Nordeste, which is a cup competition played between teams in the northeastern region of the country. 

Copa Verde Format

The Copa Verde, established in 2014, sees 24 teams from the Central and North-West regions of the country participating, along with teams from the state of Espirito Santo in the south-east of the country. The name ‘Verde’, which means green, is an allusion to the Amazon rainforest, which stretches across the north-eastern part of Brazil.

Since it is a knockout football tournament, it is immediately appealing from a betting point-of-view, with BetGold carrying top betting tips for the matches and the tournament overall as well.

Regional Football of Brazil Is A Great Source of Profits for Bettors

The tournament is quite prestigious, with the winner initially receiving a place in the Copa Sudamericana, South America’s equivalent of the UEFA Europa League and therefore the second-highest tournament for football clubs in the continent. 

However, from 2016 onwards, following changes made to the qualification format by CONMEBOL, the winner of the Copa Verde now makes it to the round-of-16 of the Copa do Brasil, Brazil’s national football cup competition. The tournament sees two-legged knockout ties, with the final being a two-legged affair as well. 

The appeal of the Copa Verde can be seen from the fact that the final has regularly drawn crowds in the tens of thousands, with the second leg of the 2014 Copa Verde final famously having an attendance of over 50,000. 

Thus, this shows the popularity of the tournament in Brazil, and it is also reflected in the online betting markets, with many websites offering odds on all the matches and the final as well.

Successful Teams Of The Copa Verde Tournament

Even with its short history, the Copa Verde has already seen a few clubs become pre-eminent. Paysandu are the most successful, with two wins, and a further three appearances in the final, while Cuiaba have also won the Copa Verde twice from their two appearances in the final.

Brasilia and Luverdense are the other clubs to have won the tournament at least once, with Cuiaba being the defending champions at the moment, having beaten Paysandu 5-4 in a penalty shootout, following a 1-1 draw in the two-legged final of the 2019 edition. Thus, state-wise, the state of Mato Grosso has been the most successful, with three wins from clubs from the state, while Para has had two winners, and four runners-up. 

Brazilian Copa Verde Betting Tips By BetGold

This is important for betting fans, as even in such a small span of time, some trends have been established and they can be useful for betting, based on the odds available. Of course, punters need to do their own research before every edition, but this is useful information to get started with the odds for the Copa Verde.

The Copa Verde is broadcast all over Brazil, thus adding to its popularity, with a number of broadcasters carrying the tournament, and online streaming available as well.

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