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Brazilian Gaúcho Série A2

Football players disputing ball during a Brazilian Gaúcho A2 Championship

The Campeonato Gaúcho Série A2 is the second division of the state football championship in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. It is organized by the Rio Grande do Sul Football Federation, and runs in conjunction with the Campeonato Gaúcho Serie A1, which is the top division for football in the state. 

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Gaúcho Série A2 Championship Format

The last season of the Serie A2 saw 2.14 goals per game, making it an attractive option for betting fans on the hunt for value picks. The Serie A2 sees 16 teams divided into two groups of eight, with the bottom team in each group being relegated to the Serie B, and the top four teams from each group advancing to the next round. 

The teams play each other home and away in a round-robin format before the conclusion of this particular group stage. The eight teams which have qualified then play each other in two-legged knockout ties, all the way up to the final, with  the two finalists and the third-placed side being promoted to the Serie A1 of the Campeonato Gaúcho. 

Gaúcho Série A2 Promotion & Relegation System

With this promotion and relegation structure in place, there are not too many repeat winners, and so betting fans need to keep a close eye on the teams and their form, in order to determine which are the best value, picks based on the odds offered on online betting sites.

Ypiranga FC won the Gaúcho Serie A2 last season, and were thus promoted to the Gaúcho Serie A1, along with the beaten finalists, Esportivo BG. It was their fifth Gaúcho Serie A2 win, making them one of the most successful sides in the history of the second division. 

The likes of Pelotas (five wins), Sao Luiz (four wins) and Gloria (three wins), are some of the other sides who have won the Gaúcho Serie A2 multiple times, but have sadly not been able to create a foothold in the Serie A1 upon promotion. 

How To Bet On The Gaúcho Série A2

From a betting perspective, it is important to look at the teams’ recent form as well as their playing squads before deciding to back odds, as the best teams are promoted to Serie A1 every season, making it difficult to decide on the teams to back, and also which teams could potentially upset the betting odds and do better than expected.

The Gaúcho Serie A2, despite being a second-division state-level championship, is nevertheless important, as it gives the opportunity for some of the smaller clubs in the state of Rio Grande do Sul to play a professional-level league, and thus improve their own performances and even challenge for promotion eventually. 

The passion for football in Brazil means that there are crowds at the Serie A2 matches as well, and there is also a lot of interest online within the country, whether it be for betting purposes or otherwise.

BetGold is definitely one of the best sports betting sites to keep an eye on the Gaúcho A2 sporting events as we offer great betting tips and awesome betting bonuses to take advantage from.

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