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Brazilian Paraense Championship

Brazilian Paraense Championship football players disputing ball during match

The Campeonato Paraense is one of the state football championships in Brazil, organized for clubs in the state of Para. Established in 1908, it is organized by the Para State Football Federation. With ten teams competing each season, the winners qualify for a number of other regional and national football tournaments, while it is also an extremely attractive option for sports betting fans.

With an average of 2.25 goals per match in the 2019 edition of the Campeonato Paraense, there are a number of betting odds and markets on the tournament available for betting fans, with BetGold offering betting tips for the big matches, along with the eventual winners outright predictions, and other betting markets as well.

Paraense Championship Format And Structure

The Campeonato Paraense sees ten teams divided into two groups of five teams each, with a double round-robin format, where each team plays the others in its group home and away.

At the conclusion of this stage of the Campeonato Paraense, the top two teams from each group contest a semi-final between themselves to determine the two finalists. The two losing semi-finalists compete in a play-off to determine the third-placed team, while the teams finishing at the bottom of the two groups are relegated to the second division of the Campeonato Paraense.

The winner of the tournament qualifies for the Copa Verde, a regional cup competition for Brazilian sides from the north-east of the country, while the top three teams also make it to the Copa do Brasil, the national football cup competition for Brazil, for the following season.

Additionally, if the top two teams are not part of the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, Serie B or Serie C, they qualify for the Serie D for the next season. The Campeonato Brasileiro is the national football championship in Brazil, with Serie D being the fourth division. Thus, with so many benefits to finishing in the top three of the Campeonato Paraense, it is extremely competitive, with betting odds often fluctuating from match to match.

Brazilian Paraense Best Teams

However, the tournament has been dominated by two teams since its inception. Paysandu, with 47 wins, and Remo, with 46 wins, are the two most successful sides in the history of the Campeonato Paraense by far.

The next-best side is Tuna Luso, with just ten wins, and the last time a team other than Paysandu or Remo won the title was in 2012, when Cameta picked up their only win of the tournament. It is therefore no surprise that the betting odds for the Campeonato Paraense are heavily weighted towards these two teams.

BetGold Betting Tips For The Brazilian Paraense

The Campeonato Paraense, while being one of the lower-profile state championships in Brazil, is still an important one, drawing crowds of over 20,000 for certain matches. With the winners and the top three all getting significant benefits in terms of qualification for other tournaments, it is still beneficial for clubs to compete, even though Paysandu and Remo have dominated in terms of actual title wins.

Thus, even for sports betting fans, there is value to be found in the markets for the top three, even if the aforementioned two clubs are usually the favourites for the title itself in terms of betting odds.

If the Brazilian state football leagues are yet too confusing for your betting skills, there’s no problem as we can help you with top betting guides. Take a look at them.

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